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S1 Mesovice - Peruvian.  GDDKiA sent the information about the tender to the European Union

S1 Mesovice – Peruvian. GDDKiA sent the information about the tender to the European Union

Information has been sent to the Official Journal of the European Union about the announcement of a tender for the design and construction of a section of S1 Mysłowice – Bieruń – the Directorate General of National Roads and Highways announced in a statement. Road workers explained that it will complete the entire new route of the S1 in the Olinsky district.

The new S1 road in the governorate. The province of Silesia was delimited from Mysłowice to Bielsko-Biała and was divided into four implementing sections (three covering the main course of the road, one being the Oświęcim bypass that deviates from it). Contracts were signed for two blocks of the main road and bypass Oswiechem after tenders last year.

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Dismiss the offer and cancel the action

The situation was complicated in the Misovice section to the Oswiecim junction (almost 13 km) together with the Bieruń Pass (over 2 km). There GDDKiA decided to exclude the cheapest bid from China State Construction Engineering Corporation from the bid. The company’s offer, totaling PLN 752.1 million, was the only one among the nine budget contracts at the total level of PLN 767.7 million.

Contractor CSCEC, according to GDDKiA, did not provide unambiguous and exhaustive explanations during verification and was excluded from the bid in August last year, against which it appealed to the National Appeals Chamber. The Kuwait Investment Office (KIO) participated in the CSCEC position and at the end of September last year ordered the bidder to be returned to the proceedings.

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GDDKiA has rescinded the Chinese company’s disqualification and at the same time filed a complaint against the KIO ruling with the District Court in Katowice. The court did not support the complaint submitted by the directorate and it was rejected on January 12 of this year. proceedings, as a result of which the KIO judgment became final. In this case, the contracting authority decided to cancel the procedure.

It also clarified, among others, the management, “Implementation of the current scope of the tender, within the approved deadlines, in this realistic case is pointless and unjustified; the Mysłowice-Oświęcim division will be operated with a delay of at least one year (…) Regarding the next two sections. The GDDKiA decided to divide the section of Mysłowice-Oświęcim into two tasks: Section I/A Bieruń-Oświęcim with the bypass of Bieruń and Section I/B Mysłowice (Kosztowy II) -Bieruń.

Next order

The scope of the first assignment included the design and construction of a 2.9 km S1 road with a 2 km section of GP class road (Main accelerated traffic) and a 1.2 km Class Z connector (collective road) between Bieruń Junction and the Bierunia Street system (Jagiey Street access). The construction of these links, which is scheduled to be completed in November 2023, will coincide with the opening of the S1 road from the Oświęcim junction to Bielsko-Biała and its connection to the current route of National Route 44.

To expedite the proceedings of Section I/A Bieruń-Oświęcim, GDDKiA on April 6 this year. Proceedings were initiated in the so-called Free Hand (in connection with the so-called repeated orders of the second division Oświęcim-Dankowice) and an invitation to participate in the negotiations was sent to the neighboring division contractor Oświęcim-Dankowice (Porr and Mota-Engil Central Europe Consortium).

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The procedure for awarding this contract used by GDDKiA has been appealed to KIO by Strabag. The chamber accepted the complaint, as a result of which the directorate canceled the procedure and on June 4 announced a standard tender. The deadline for submitting proposals is currently 2 July this year.


Public roads to the south

A separate procedure is planned for Section I / B (Mysłowice Kosztowy-Bieru أي), i.e. the S1 motorway with a length of 10 km. In recent days, the Directorate announced that a notification had been sent to the Official Journal of the European Union. Upon publication in the Official Journal of the European Union, the tender will also be announced on the GDDKiA procurement platform.

Express way S1 in the province. Śląskie and Małopolskie runs from the intersection with the A1 motorway near Katowice Pyrzowice Airport to the border with Slovakia at Zwardoń. The motorway is currently standard on the Pyrzowice – Podwarpie and Dąbrowa Górnicza – Tychy sections, as well as Bielsko-Biała – Przybędza and Milówka – Zwardoń.

In order to complete the artery, it is necessary to reconstruct the “first” dual carriageway from Podurube to Dibruva-Górnicza according to the highway collision standard (7 km – a contract was signed in September last year) and rebuild a 2.7 km section in Dąbrowa Górnicza (design in progress) .

Another part of the S1 is being built in the “design and build” format in the new route between Mysłowice and Bielsko-Biała (the Oświęcim corridor and two sections south of it in the perspective of 2023; the section bypassing Mysłowice – Oświęcim, likely to later).

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In the south of the region, the building of the so-called Węgierska Górka bypassed along the S1 road to the border at Zwardoń. There are, among others, two tunnels 830 m long and 980 m long and several flyovers. The contract for the design and construction of the 8.5 km part was signed in October 2019. As of that date, the contractor has 34 months to complete the contract.

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