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Sandrine Quétier: The hilarious request made by a Fitch fan

Sandrine Quétier: The hilarious request made by a Fitch fan

Guest show this is goodIn Europe 1, Thursday April 15th, Sandrine Quétier revealed the strangest request from a fan. And no, this is not a picture of his feet. Find out what it is.

She decided to devote herself to her passions: music and imagination. So, in 2017, Sandrine Quétier discontinued animation. Viewers have since been able to see her in the series Commissioner MagellanOr on France 3 or in the TV series Josephine Guardian Angel, On TF1. Thursday April 15th, Find Out As She Delivers The Answer To Jean-Luc Richman In An Episode Liu Matteo, Miners Brigade, It broadcasts on Channel 1. Guest show this is good, In Europe 1, prior to the broadcast, Anne Romanov interviewed Sandrine Kouetier about the castings she has done since it started, and in particular on The most contradictory requests that were made to him. “I have never been asked for strange things to earn.”The stewardess-turned-actress replied, adding: “In the acting process, I didn’t spend enough to be asked of things. Usually, it’s totally stuck in the script and you get asked two or three copies:”You do it more like that, like this ““. However, her requests were surprisingly surprising from fans.

“This is very strange, all the same.”

There are fans who have asked me strange things… ”Sandrine Ketier revealed, before revealing: “I’d love to send Forearm pictures. This is strange anyway. ” A request she answered? “no I did not”And she emphasized before she joked with Anne Romanov: “I’m sorry, you didn’t receive them? I just didn’t send them.” Thankfully, most fans ask her less bizarre questions when they come across her. “Oh, we miss you,” “we miss you, when will we see you again?” , Hear it regularly. “It’s cute, isn’t it?”Enthusiastic Sandrine Kouetier. He asked me a lot, “How is Nikos, is he cute?” Otherwise, at that time, with Christophe Deshavan, the question was, “Is the dog cute?” But People are always nice and very caringAnd she concluded. It’s almost always clear.

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