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Scorpio today Saturday 25 June 2022

Scorpio today Saturday 25 June 2022

The scorpion Let yourself be guided by charisma and friendliness. This way enemies will disappear and opportunities will flourish.

things: A romantic outing will strengthen the couple even more. This would be the perfect time to plan a cohabitation or wedding.

Wealth: An argument over money can arise with your partner. After going over the differences, you’ll see that she was right in the end.

health: With perseverance and perseverance you will achieve your goals. Do not wait for divine help because it will never come. Let’s do it.

Scorpio Characteristics

Is it Eighth zodiac sign It symbolizes destruction and resurrection. Together with Pisces and Cancer, it is a sign of that Belongs to the element of water It is ruled by Mars and Pluto.

Scorpios put passion in everything they do, they are masters of themselves and do not accept external suggestions regarding their plans. They can be energetic, aggressive and jealous. They consider disloyalty a mortal sin and they cannot forgive.

  • an item: seduce
  • method: permanent
  • polarity: Feminina (yen)
  • ruling planet: Pluto and Mars
  • Casa: 8
  • Metal: Hieru
  • Piedra: topaz
  • the color: Dark red
  • constellation: The scorpion

Today’s horoscope: Consult all the signs of the zodiac

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