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The usual target of her jokes, Valerie Becresse sends a message to Bertrand Chamroy in “C à vous”

The usual target of her jokes, Valerie Becresse sends a message to Bertrand Chamroy in “C à vous”

“Have a nice holiday. Because when you’re on vacation, it also bothers me,” laughs in the video of the former Republican nominee, whose gestures have inspired the columnist so much this season.

The comedian of “C to you,” whose season ended Friday, June 24, is mocking the daily news as he mocks his co-stars, in a column titled “ABC.” Valerie Pecres was one of the favorite targets this year. His meeting in Zenith, in February, where the unfortunate presidential candidate had had a surprising gesture to say the least, inspired him greatly. Added by Bertrand Chamiroy, excerpt fromI am alive by Celine Dion.

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This montage of a few seconds, inspired by the biography aline On Celine Dion, he returned regularly on the show. As long as he ended up producing a comedy rehearsal. “I can’t see it anymore, but people ask me why I don’t wear it when it’s not there”, Enjoy the previous “TPMP”. Valerie Pecresse heard about this muzzle, which was her heroine.

At the end of Friday’s show, after Bertrand Chamiroy mocked his co-workers, his colleague Mohamed Bouhafsi revealed to him a surprise: the video reaction of the president of the Ile-de-France region got him. “She doesn’t necessarily want to find you next season.”, begins this writer who specializes in the ball round. Then Bertrand Chamroy vacillates between excitement and apprehension.

“I have been an inexhaustible source of inspiration to you for the past few months. It was only natural that you would pay me some royalties”, explains Valerie Pecres in a serious tone, as one guesses the humor. It refers to a joke the columnist made about his donation campaign. You dreamed of me as Celine Dion and you disappointed me a littleshe completes. But I will tell you a secret, elections are not the voice, and the French will soon realize that. Have a nice holiday because when you are on vacation, it also bothers me…”

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