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Sell ​​more about Good End and Christmas with WhatsApp Catalogs

Sell ​​more about Good End and Christmas with WhatsApp Catalogs

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The WhatsApp It is one of the most used digital tools by the country’s micro, small, and medium-sized businesses to sell, according to the study. X-ray Entrepreneurship in Mexico Made by Association of Entrepreneurs of Mexico (ASEM). Therefore, WhatsApp and ASEM come together so that a file Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Increase your sales during high seasons, such as Good End 2021 and Christmas season with the help of WhatsApp.

Among the novelties of the initiative is the use of the “Groups” catalog, a recently announced tool available through WhatsApp Business, the version of WhatsApp for small businesses.

“This tool will help businesses organize their catalog of products and services by categories. Previously, customers who purchased via WhatsApp Business had to search through a list that might be very long, and did not differentiate between types of products and services. With Groups, the shopping experience is greatly improved, With this, the likelihood that MSMEs will generate sales will increase. In fact, the main objective of this initiative that we are promoting with WhatsApp is to invite the Mexican community to buy from MSMEs, especially at this time of year, says Jorge Corral, Director ASEM Executive.

through “groups”And ASEM will provide a window display for MSMEs to spread their products and services and, with the help of WhatsApp, will provide a better digital shopping experience to their customers.

To do this, ASEM has selected more than 50 companies that actively use WhatsApp Business and have a catalog of products and services.

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“We have launched a call for micro, small and medium enterprises that are part of the ASEM community, and among the factors we take into account when selecting companies, we highlight the participation of enterprises, broad coverage across the country and, above all, the excellent quality in their products and services” , explains Anna Cecilia Bilbao, Project Leader.

Participating businesses are available on ASEM’s WhatsApp Business account and are organized by product and service categories, among them: Food and Beverage; Health, wellness and beauty. Gifts and celebrations. fashion; home and decor arts and crafts; Restaurants and services for small and medium businesses, among others.

Under this initiative, training will be conducted so that entrepreneurs know how to use WhatsApp Business, plus the new “Groups” tool. Access to the courses will be free and will be broadcast, between November and December, at Facebook for Business.

Consumer support will be key

ASEM emphasizes that the fact that consumers tend to buy from MSMEs has positive effects on the country’s economy. According to figures from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), MSMEs generate 67.9% of jobs nationwide, 39.2% of GDP, and account for 99.8% of the country’s economic units.

Consumers will be able to purchase from over 50 micro, small and medium businesses that are part of this initiative by adding a contact WhatsApp Business de la ASEM (2215684919) Then access the catalog where you will find many products and services.

“Consumers can be confident that, when they enter the ‘Groups’ section of ASEM’s WhatsApp, they will find companies with a wide range of products and services, as well as excellent quality,” concludes Coral.

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