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Separation shortly before the birth of your daughter?

They became a couple last year and will soon become parents for the first time. Now rumors are emerging that Jimmy Blue Oceanknecht and Willis Cooke could break up.

Photo series with 23 photos

Former “Bachelor” nominee Lees Kog and singer Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht officially announced their love in Summer 2020, in February 2021 They are expecting offspring together. Now, a few months before giving birth her daughter, Fans are speculating about whether the two have broken up. Because the 27-year-old influencer has deleted all the couple photos on her Instagram profile – except for one.

The photo apparently taken during their recent vacation in Greece can still be found on Yeliz Koc’s page. It’s from June 30th. Her baby bump can be seen on her, which Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht lovingly kisses underwater.

Not so in Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht’s profile. There are still many popular picks to be found out there. The last photo is the most recent photo on the bar owner’s page. The 29-year-old posted it on June 23. It appears to have been taken on the same set as the remaining photo of the couple on Yeliz Koc’s page.

Ten days ago, Yeliz shared this photo, which is the latest on her profile. Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht commented on this with a simple red heart.

“I hope all is well with you”

A user wrote under it a few days ago: “You can’t see your friend anymore. Hope you’re all right.” Other notes: “All the photos we shared are no longer there.” Some of them leave comments in this direction and ask if everything is fine with Koc and Ochsenknecht. There is no definitive answer to this on Instagram. A request from t-online to the management of Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht remains unanswered.

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But on Sunday evening, Yeliz Koc posted this quote in an Instagram story: “It’s sad that you finally realize just how deceitful some people are.” Not commented on this. On Monday morning she was seen lying in bed with a dog.