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Sharing or renting: Renault offers to fill up its fleet at IAA

Sharing or renting: Renault offers to fill up its fleet at IAA

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Renault presents Mobilize fleet vehicles at IAA

Renault offers fleet mobilization at IAA - share or rent

The mobility brand Mobilize, which car manufacturer Renault officially launched in early 2021, has unveiled four electric cars at the IAA Mobility Show (until September 12)

Source: SP-X / Mario Hommen

With the new Mobilize brand, Renault wants to make e-mobility as popular, affordable and environmentally friendly as possible in the context of the shared economy. A very special fleet of cars is being created for this.

sPX / Munich. The mobility brand Mobilize, which the car manufacturer Renault officially launched in early 2021, has unveiled four electric cars at the IAA Mobility Show (until September 12). The cars provide an overview of the various services the large-scale startup intends to establish in Germany, among other places. In addition to an electric limousine for taxi services, the IAA fleet includes two electric vans and a successor to the Twizy electric micro-vehicle. Mobilize wants to introduce new services related to electric mobility in European countries such as France and Germany, where customers can, among other things, use the offered vehicles without having to purchase them.

With Limo, Mobilize will offer an electric limousine of approximately 4.70 meters in length starting next year. Initially, they want to start with 40 vehicles in Europe. The offer will primarily target drivers of taxi services such as Uber and fleet operators who want to switch to a fully electric vehicle without buying one. The modern four-door design comes from Renault’s Chinese partner, Jiangling Motors. The limousine is powered by a 110 kW / 150 hp electric motor, which allows it to go from 0 to 100 km / h in 9.6 seconds and a top speed of 140 km / h. The 60 kWh battery enables a range of up to 450 kilometers (WLTP). According to Mobilize, the range is more than enough for the application, since professionally used taxis usually use 250 kilometers per day. Electricity can be recharged for 250 km in 40 minutes using the fast charging station. The spacious rear legroom and 400-liter luggage compartment are other features that make the limousine ideal for use in taxis. The car has a digital cockpit with two large screens. Communication technology is available as well as several assistance systems on board. Mobilize has not yet made a final decision on the cities in Europe in which the e-taxi will be available. The cars will be presented in Germany, among other places.

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In addition, Mobilize and Duo are showcasing a small car with a length of approximately 2.40 meters with a pure electric motor, which was specifically designed for car sharing in large cities. Small Stromer requires little pass space, and power requirements are low. At the same time, Mobilize promises a safe, agile and connected vehicle that will be made from 50 percent recycled materials and 95 percent recyclable. A production version of the show car unveiled at the IAA could hit the streets from 2023.

Technically, the Bento minivan is closely related, and features an enclosed cargo area in the rear with space for around 1,000 liters of luggage. Thanks to the modular baggage system, the Bento can be used for various transportation tasks. The target group is service providers, craftsmen, delivery professionals as well as private users.

The Hippo electric truck is primarily designed for urban and ecological delivery services with no emissions. This two-seater has a length of 3.86 meters and offers a payload capacity of 200 kg and 3000 liters of storage space. Here, too, thanks to the different charging units, the chassis can be adapted for different purposes. The vehicle has been specifically optimized for professional use. Hippo offer customers will rent the e-truck from Mobilize and pay for the kilometer driven. The Hippo presented at the IAA is a pure show car. The French have not yet provided any information about the technical characteristics of the drive. An electronic truck similar to the concept presented will take to the streets from 2024.