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So talking about Chinti is ridiculous: Olga and Ranat

So talking about Chinti is ridiculous: Olga and Ranat

Olga Wurnat says she is upset and concerned about the legal action the Fernandez family has taken against the Televisa and Univision series, based on her book on Chente The Last King, which premiered Monday in Las Estrellas.

“Don’t come to me sarcastically that I should ask permission, who should I ask permission as a journalist? What a bad precedent that could be set if this happened. If I mention Vicente Fernandez on a radio or news show, would it be Vicente Gomez, because even El Charro de Huentitán We can’t mention it because it’s owned?, explains the Argentine journalist, who laments how seriously the trademark problem is mixed with freedom of expression, this is crazy, nonsense!

He reiterated that Vicente had said all his life that he was “one of his people” and that other than what is said in any book or series, many would not change their love for him.

We deprive the public and readers of the right to decide. Let everything be published, let many series, films and documentaries come out and let people decide what they like and what they don’t like! Olga said in an interview.

The author of books such as La Jiva: Scandals, Enrichment, and Impunity, by Martha Sahagún, lamented that the family did not take the time to read her book. “Except for Alejandra, only one person (read it),” and they also had xenophobic expressions, (they referred to me as) “That Argentinian, what are you doing here”; They are dark practices.”

The journalist added that she would never allow anyone’s freedom of expression to be restricted: “I call it Televisión Azteca, Televisa, Grupo Imagen, I will always be a defender of freedom of expression because I was a victim of censorship, as I did when Felipe did ‘It’s dark, I had a really bad time’,” he recalls.

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The weekend, before the premiere of The Last King. The family of Fernandez, the son of the people, published a statement ordering Televisa, according to the authorities, not to produce, promote or broadcast the series, arguing for the unauthorized use of registered trademarks for profit. The TV station responded on Sunday that it had not received judicial notice.

Yesterday, Grupo Televisa requested an injunction against the precautionary measures obtained by Vicente Fernández’s family that ordered the series to be suspended. The suit was filed in the Seventeenth District Court in Mexico City Administrative Matters but was not admissible because it contained various errors ordered by the judge, which has the television station five days.

And about the lawsuits that can be brought against her, she said she is calm and confident and has everything to defend herself.

“I am not afraid, I have a very clear conscience and what I will do is defend my work.”

the book

It tells of the ups and downs of the singer’s life, like the kidnapping of his son.

I am not afraid, I have a clear conscience and I will defend my work. Who should I ask for permission as a journalist?

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