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Diane Kruger said she was treated like a ‘piece of meat’ during the audition

Diane Kruger said she was treated like a ‘piece of meat’ during the audition

German actressDiane Kruger he said to diverseBad choice experience. The latter used obscene words to express her feelings, and she did not hesitate to say so.”like a piece of meatDuring the test.

The events take place in the early 2000s when the actress was still a young actress. While participating in the Hollywood blockbuster cast for the role of Helen Troy alongside Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom, she realizes that something isn’t right for her. “I’ve met the Weinsteins in this world since the beginningThe actress whose career exploded after this role in the movie said: sluts.

I remember the auditions for that movie where I had to go into the studio undercover. And I felt spied up and down, as people asked me “Why do you think you should play this?”‘, explained Norman Reedus’ wife. Diane Kruger refused to mention the name of the man who asked her to dress for producers.

I’ve been in such inappropriate and uncomfortable situations…I think when I started doing this job, I thought it was normal. This is what Hollywood is. On top of that, I came from a modeling show and believe me, they have their concerns too‘, she continued.

Actress, recently starred in the series swimming with sharks He embodies a film director who is forced to perform a sexual act with a young nurse by order of her boss, a sick old man. Then the actress got angry: “Filming this scene made me remember how disgusting and unacceptable certain behaviors in our society are and it’s not just in Hollywood.

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