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‘Sold out!’: ‘Venga la Alegría’ hosts slammed for their illegal support of the Greens

Capture: Instagram

During this morning, hundreds of netizens spoke out against him come joy, that’s after two of its drivers, Brandon Beinisch and Laura Gee will advocate for Mexico’s Green Environment Party (PVEM) During the election closing period prior to the 2021 intermediate elections.

Reviews of users accusing the presenters of “selling” abound on the social networking sites of Azteca TV’s morning magazine. There were even those who expected an on-air apology during this morning’s broadcast. However, this did not happen.

Selling drivers!“,” They notice how uncomfortable it is! “,”Let’s stop seeing these kinds of programs have drivers selling their votes and opinions” and “The truth is that I was very disappointed in their drivers and the terrible mistake they made when selling to the Green Party and breaking the law” were some of the hundreds of comments written by users on Journal Networks.

“At least we expected to see them make an apology or say ‘I was wrong’ but not that…as if that didn’t happen. General comments don’t matterAnother user wrote on Instagram. “Now your show should be called ‘Come the Carry’ thanks to Brandon Benish and Laura J. Borough Judas,” another online Twitter user ended.

Captura: Twitter
Captura: Twitter

I don’t see them talking about selling drivers. If they do not participate there, yes, even in a special program. Total”, “Let’s not forget that they prefer money rather than a better country“,” They should run to the losing country. Many talented people are waiting for an opportunity and you are hungry,” some other users concluded.

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On June 5th, the day before the election day that took place in different parts of the country to renew the House of Representatives and various positions in the 32 states, conductors Maestro Brandon Benech and Laura Gee joined the ranks of influencers and celebrities. Who promoted the vote for the Green Party.

From their Instagram account, they both followed the same dynamic and opened a “question, answer” option to their followers. Finally, by way of informal conversation, Laura confirmed that she would vote for the Green Party.

“What am I going to do tomorrow? I will go out and vote for the Greens,” said the host, before going into some proposals. In the same sense, Beinisch said, “I love the Greens for their initiatives.”

(Pictures: Instagram)
(Pictures: Instagram)

According to different social network users, the total number of influencers and artists who have practiced these practices is 80. All of them used the same The method of work They started a dialogue with their followers to say that they would vote for “the Greens” and the reasons for that.

As reported on the Instagram account specializing in shows @chicapicosa2, celebrity figures will be sponsored by agencies dedicated to digital marketing, among them, most likely, Agüita de Limón. It is noticeable that all I would have received roughly 10,000 to 200,000 pesos, According to the number of followers they have.

Even, according to the published account, influencers have received specific instructions on how to address the audience, it is possible to reconstruct a potential campaign scenario, with pre-made phrases to deliver the message, to reflect interest and touch upon some of the proposals from the candidates; For example, phrases like “By the way, today is World Environment Day “, and “I’ll vote for them, I don’t know about you,” among others.

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