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Sophia Thiel shows a stark before and after photo – she wants to change that now

Sophia Thiel has big fitness plans for 2022.Photo: imago images / 7aktuell

Sophia Thiel is one of the most successful influencers in Germany: 997,000 subscribers regularly watch her YouTube videos, on the topics of nutrition and fitness. Her community is bigger on Instagram: She has 1.2 million followers on the video and photo platform. In 2019, the blonde retired and there was a radio silence on her channels for two years – in 2021 she was finally informed.

In her YouTube comeback video, she explained, among other things, that the general stress was too much for her and that she had an eating disorder. In the meantime, the blonde is more relaxed about topics like sports and nutrition. This is also noticeable on her body, as a before-and-after comparison of the 26-year-old on Instagram shows. In the accompanying YouTube video, she explains if she wants her old character back and what her goals are for 2022.

Sophia Thiel: More exercise, but in a healthy way

Sophia Thiel shared this photo online, which she showed in 2018 and 2022. The differences can be clearly identified: Four years ago, the Rosenheim native had a six-pack, a narrower face and more muscular arms. In the post, she references a new YouTube video of her, in which she addresses her changing look at the beginning:

Now you know the answer to these questions: “I need a challenge. I love this sport and I want to do it but in a new and different way.” That’s why she’s set herself fitness goals for 2022 and really wants to get started, says Sophia.

Today she looks critically at her earlier approach and says: “What I’ve always done has been extreme. Either I’ve been training out or I haven’t been at all. I have been on extreme dieting or no dieting at all. But what about the uniform gray in the middle?” I’ve always admired other women who enjoy eating – and she wishes it for herself, too.

Regarding her fitness goals for the current year, she also explained in the video:

“There doesn’t have to be an X Day nor should there be a look I’m striving for, because that causes a lot of stress. No, the focus is more on enjoying nutrition and sports. Appearance is only secondary. It works for a healthy lifestyle.”

The fitness influencer wants to take her followers and subscribers with her on her journey. “I will be documenting what the new track will look like on YouTube in the coming weeks. That means how I deal with the training, my nutrition, the mental aspect, I will also take it.” She wanted to show the ups and downs, added the blonde. Because she’s sure she’ll go through days without motivation too, but that’s part of her.

Whether on Instagram or on YouTube – Sophia’s fans support the athlete and make it clear that they think she’s gorgeous, no matter what her weight or shape is. “I think you are perfect as you are”, “You are beautiful my love” and “A great woman, no matter how, your personality is just wonderful”, are among three of the most beloved comments on the photo and video platform. Similar positive phrases can also be found in Sophia’s video.

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