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Sorry Rupert Grint

The Harry Potter story made him a star. But Rupert Grint not only keeps good memories of the movie sets as he spent almost all of his teenage years.

Guest on the excellent Dax Shepard podcast (scrubs), armchair expertOn March 8, Rupert Grint confirmed the struggles she’s faced in nearly a decade to play Harry Potter’s best friend, the wizard’s apprentice Ron, in the iconic movie epic. The 11-year-old actor – who recently became a father – at the time of filming the first movie witnesses the awkward moments between his sudden fame and the pace of shooting. All this while he was going through a complex adolescence.

“There were several awkward moments, that’s for sure. My hair is in the fourth movie (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire(Editor’s note), this is one of my biggest regrets. They were on the shoulders. I think everyone has gone through this phase and had long hair (…) they loved it! He was charming. We passed puberty in front of the camera. You can see everything. It’s a little annoying,” he explains.

10 years of continuous shooting

Why do we make so much history for a simple haircut? According to Rupert Grint, this bears witness to the fatigue felt by young actors who have spent nearly a decade of their lives, and nearly all of their adolescence, associating shooting with a period of their existence when the desire and need for new experiences were particularly intense.

“It was a time when I felt like I was suffocating, because it was hard, because it was every day for ten years, finally. It never ended. Every year we go there again. And it was a little An endless day Because they were the same movie sets. Sometimes I told myself I wanted to do something else, to see something else, ”he admits.

Rupert Grint clearly knows how far the Harry Potter story allowed him to advance his career. “Great experience” also earned him some good points. “There was a very welcoming family atmosphere. It was still the same team and we both grew up with them, so it was great to do that,”

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