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Stanovsky strongly opposes Sterzewski.  "Master (...) Can you read?"

Stanovsky strongly opposes Sterzewski. “Master (…) Can you read?”

Crzysztof Stanowski responded to the entry of Franciszek Sterczewski, a member of the Civil Alliance. This is about the case of writer Jakub Żulczyk.

The media writes about the case of Jacques Zulzik, who publicly used the word “Moran” to refer to the President of the Republic of Poland. The district court in Warsaw, however, found that the author had not committed the crime because of the minimal harm of his statements.

Franciszek Sterczewski, MP for Civic Coalition, spoke on the matter and was pleased with the court’s ruling. “I am just happy to be free. Jakub Żulczyk is right. Long live freedom of speech! Long live the free courts! “- Sterzewski wrote on Twitter.

According to the politician, Krzysztof Stanowski, a journalist and columnist who mocked the KO MP, commented. “Master, but the court only said that no one was interested in ulczyk’s words. What he was saying was not right. Can you read and run in your expertise?” – The answer was written by the famous “Stano”.

“Foreman, the court Żulczyk entry” criticism, but at the same time “substantial”, was the result of his skills – when almost every citizen criticized the authority and the people who enforce it.

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Source: Twitter / Krzysztof Stanowski