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Television Audience: 5.4 million viewers in the “The Voice” Final.

Great performance of “The Voice”. The TF 1 Singing Competition Final 10 won by Nikos Eliagas and Karen Ferri won the last crowd battle. 5.4 million music fans followed Margie’s victory over Cyprian, Mentesa Aziza and Jim Bauer. Or 25.3% of the audience’s share of the general public, according to MediaMetri. This is a record since the fourth season, won by Lilian Renault.

In June 2020, the previous final attracted only 3.9 million (17.9%). A week ago, the number of viewers was 4.4 million before the qualification of Margie (Florent Pagney’s team), Mintessa (Team Vianni), Jim Bauer (Marc Lavoyne’s team) and Ciprian (Team Amal Girl), i.e. 21, 9% PDA.

A beautiful evening also for France 3 with the French series “Cassander”. Worn by actress Gwendoline Hammon, the third episode of Season 5 garnered 4.9 million followers, or 20.6%, of PDA. Last Saturday, an unprecedented precedent attracted 5.1 million (22.6%). Almost like the start of the season, Saturday May 1.

Nagui on the stage with “Don’t forget the lyrics”

France 2 finished third, with another final: the third edition of the Maestros tournament, titled “Don’t forget the lyrics”. Nagui hosted this special karaoke issue hosted by Nagui and attracted 2.5 million karaoke fans, or 11.3% of PDAs. In June 2020, the previous Final won 2.9 million (15.1%). Over the course of a week, this result has been stable: They were 2.4 million (14.4%) last Saturday.

The M6 ​​fails to secure a podium spot as the tenth season of “Hawaii 5-0”, embodied by Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Kahn, continues. The first two episodes of the evening attracted the attention of 1.9 million followers, or 8% of average PDAs. The single, unpublished episode collected 2.1 million. It’s a little better than last week.

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