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VIDEO Didier Bordon forgets a gift from Bénabar, the discomfort in the Vivement dimanche range

To cheer up Sunday’s viewers, who remain confined, Michelle Drucker summoned William Limerge, Willie Rovelli, singer Benabar, and comedian Didier Bordon, who gave himself a moment of inexpensive annoyance at the end of the show. …

Tray selector for … Roll on sunday On this bleak Sunday May 16th. Michelle Drucker had William Lemergé in his novel Mirebalais invited, Willie Rovelli, the Fort Boyard cook, for his new presentation. Do not be afraidAnd comedian Didier Bordon and singer Pinapar, who released his last album at the start of the year. Said the rebellious. To my delight, the two men found themselves on the set Who worked together on the movie In law, comedy By Hector Capello Reyes who played Pinapar Beloved son-in-law of Didier Burdon and Josiane Balasco. Even Didier Bourdon remembered thatHe was entitled to enter the album location while filming … But the actor nevertheless did not remember everything as was proven The last minutes of the show During this time, Michael Drucker summarizes, as tradition dictates, their respective objectivity.

“My memory falters, I don’t remember very well”

He took time off from his hosts before welcoming a new batch of visitors, including Gerard Lanvin And Dominique Penon, who is a hit with the Cassandre series on France 3, Michel Drucker offers to present a subtitled album I am one of those To Didier Bourdon before changing his mind “Didier, do you have it, obviously?” , “No! And this.” I want it, there you go, thanks. ” It was a strong reaction towards the unidentified former bridge head. A gesture that surprised Benabar, and with good reason:But didn’t I send it to you? If I send it to you! In Didier Burdon, an angel passed by While a slight disturbance engulfed the plateau.Ah maybe you sent it to meHe put the album between him and the artist, who suddenly became so embarrassed. Willie Rovelli was quick to bounce back to save him from the sticky situationAnd I, Michelle, would probably go with your dog, and you wouldn’t do me anything, would I ?! “Distraction that works perfectly, brightens up the atmosphere …

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