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Terra LUNA 2.0: Kryptobörsen Huobi und Binance zeigen ihre Unterstützung

Terra LUNA 2.0: Huobi and Binance Crypto Exchange Show Support

Crypto exchange Huobi pledged its support for Luna 2.0 after the Terra community voted in favor of Proposition 1623.

Crypto exchanges Huobi, Binance, and Bybit have indicated their willingness to work with the Terra team to launch their new series without a stable algorithm coin. The company made the announcement within an hour of accepting the offer. Huobi tweeted: “#Huobi supports the launch of #LUNA 2.0 on May 27th. Are you ready for the “Luna Revival”?“It was only towards the end of last year when Huobi listed the Terra on its platform.

Binance previously had Trading suspension. The reason for this is that the validators have stopped the blockchain. This made trading impossible. Following Terra’s announcement, Binance tweeted, “The Terra community has just voted to rebuild the Terra network. We are working closely with the Terra team on the recovery plan to provide the best possible response to affected Binance users. Stay tuned for more updates.”

Bybit will suspend payments for LUNA and UST on May 25, 2022 at 2 PM UTC. LUNA will then be renamed to LUNX and UST to USTC on May 26, 2022. On May 27, 2022, Bitrue will begin trading Luna V2.

Bybit and Bitrue help with the new airdrop Terra

In a well-documented disaster, Terra’s UST algorithmic stablecoin lost its peg to the dollar earlier this month. At the same time, its sister currency, LUNA, also collapsed. Founder Do Kwon came up with a new proposal to create a new blockchain after the collapse of Luna. The original Luna code will be renamed LUNA Classic (LUNAC). The new token, LUNA, will then run on a new blockchain without a stable algorithm. The original floor tanks will remain on the Terra Classic blockchain.

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30% of new LUNA tokens move through Air drop in a community gathering. This process is managed by LUNA Classic tokens. At the same time, 35% will be distributed to those who already held LUNA before the collapse. 10% goes to people who already owned the underground tanks before the collapse. Another 10% will be distributed to the holders of the LUNA after the collapse and 15% to the holders of the ground tanks. Shot taken at Terra Classic Block 7544910. Post-crash shot mounts take place at Block 7790000. Bybit and Bitrue will act as airdrop partners.

Developers show their support for the new blockchain

Kwon has asked several developers to publicly show their support for the new blockchain. From the developer ecosystem, there have been quite a few showing their support. This includes heroSC developer on Solana and Terra Classic NFTs. spectrum protocol, Yield Enhancer on Terra Classic. Terra . name serviceDomain name service. And Falcon walletMulti-thread web wallet 3.0.

On May 25, 2022, Guru hinted that founder Do Kwon had asked the five largest stock exchanges in China to list the LUNA 2.0. Allegation later denied.

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