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TF1 rebranche no star academy

TF1 rebranche no star academy

After celebrating the program’s 20th anniversary last fall, TF1 is preparing to relaunch Star Academy, according to Le Parisien. Nikos Aliagas has always been a part of the TV adventure that has revealed a generation of singers.

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meNot much happens every day in the small town of Dammarie-les-Lys in Seine-et-Marne, where the big news at the start of the week was the theft of a copper cable from EDF warehouses. But his 18th-century mansion may find itself in the spotlight as of the start of the school year, much to the delight of its owners. According to the newspaper ParisTF1 will already prepare for a resuscitation star AcademyHis famous phone next September.

Nostalgia, when it caught us: In the fall, French Channel One offered itself a journey into its past by celebrating, over three evenings, the twenty years of Star AC, with some of the school’s students. Chance to direct photos of Jennifer’s victories, the show’s #1 winner, in 2002, to Nollwin Leroy, the following year, or even to Gregory Lemarshall – the 2004 best element of the episode.

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