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Picasso and Mondrian were found stolen in 2012

Greek police recovered a cubist painting by Picasso and work by Mondrian KeoghThe user interface was stolen in 2012 At the National Gallery of Athens. On Monday, authorities also announced the arrest of a suspect. Pablo Picasso Oil, A woman head 56 x 40 cm, dating from 1939, It was introduced ten years later by the artist to Greece In honor of his resistance against Nazism.

The plate on the back bears the handwritten sign in French “For the Greek People’s Revival of Picasso”The Greek News Agency (ANA) reported that it was found in the Kitaria countryside, about 45 kilometers southeast of Athens. The Mulan The agency adds that a pen of Piet Mondrian, which dates back to 1905, was also found. According to the culture ministry, details will be provided on Tuesday on the issue.

In January 2012 two paintings as well as a paper drawing by Italian artist Guglielmo Caccia titled Il Moncalvo (1568-1625), depicting the ecstasy of the saint, appeared, Stolen from the National Gallery, taking advantage of insufficient surveillance of the building in the heart of Athens. The break-in in which two men suspected of removing business from their executives, It only lasted about seven minutes.

A report by the authorities later decided that the security of the art gallery Not renewed since 2000. Several areas of the museum were out of range of security cameras and alarms were faulty.

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