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Mayer’s arguments. From canceled offers to influence promotional charges

No low ticket sales, no infection COVID-19 Within production, they were reasons for suspending show jobs Sie7eAs explained by the product Sergio Mayer, who had last Thursday the official presentation to the media and special guests of the show mentioned in Pepsi Center.

“They simply moved from this weekend to July 17, because of capacity issues, that is, with these dimensions displayed, it doesn’t give us the ability to maintain payroll like the ones we have,” Meyer said. .

About what the program said sweating, Regarding that there was covid-19 infection Between productions including actress and singer Patricia Manterola, as well as to low ticket sales, as the real reason Sie7e lowered the curtain a week after its premiere, Sergio Mayer responded.

“It’s the best show they’ve had in recent years and we have a great staff, so no injuries or something like that, I don’t know now, Patty (Manterola) didn’t tell me anything,” Mayer said.

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In the statement sent out by Sie7e production last weekend, it was announced Cancellation As a way to follow the recommendations of the authorities, in the face of rising virus infection; The politician also clarified that it was not an alarm signal or that the Mexico City government asked them to shut down, simply as I already mentioned, capacity (500 people) at this time is not helping with production expenses and that is why he hopes the quota allowed on July 17 will be higher Little.

wrapped in controversy

His activity as a theater businessman isn’t the only thing he owns in the eye of the hurricane Sergio MayerThis actor appeared on the show first hand, where he had a confrontation with the journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infanti for various cases, including José José proceeds allegedly collected by Mayer and his role in the case Alexa Barra Hoffman.

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“I am very sorry that a television station of social and family value (such as Imagen) includes in its ranks someone who does not fit these characteristics and all they do is Discredit Sergio Mayer said in a telephone interview.

The constant deputy presence on the show was initially to talk about canceling the show Sie7e, a segment that developed relatively quietly, and the problems started when Infante gave an interview with Jose Joel, son of Jose Jose, from 2019 where he confirmed that Mayer only went to show off in Miami and did not help them at all in bringing his father’s remains to Mexico.

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“The person who asked for my support and help was ringShe is a respectable woman who suffers for her children. Who was in the Chancellery with the Director of Cultural Policy, Enrique MarquisI was the head of the culture committee… I went to support the ash cause and went to talk to Sarita so that we could have the body and not the ashes, the media didn’t like that.”

When they went to the subject of royalties, the discussion raged, because Infante asked him about a contract between him and Joseph Romelu Sosa (José José) so he could collect it from what was created on the internet, when Meyer asked him to show it, the driver explained it Monique CardonaJose, Jose’s ex-manager, told them there was a secret document that prevented him from revealing it, and Mayer responded with a letter confirming that if there was a contract, he would release him from the secret for publication.

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“From this moment he checks that there is a contract signed with Jose Romlo Sosa – then Meyer said to the driver – Do you care what I gave my friend? It’s a personal matter, every time he comes (to the city from Mexico) they look for me and I tell them what they need? I brought them Support, store or money. They say there are returns, check for them.”

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When the journalist Addis Tunisia scold him of course traffic movement Effects in case if Alexa Actor Parra responded that he is helping his daughter Hoffman by the simple fact of supporting her and that he is not the only instance of him providing accompaniment and mentioning her. Valentina Crispo s Daniela PerielBut from there he did what accused him of something far from the truth and demanded that he be shown the evidence.

“You have to be sympathetic and humane with the victims, that’s my position, no matter what everyone may think,” Meyer said. Globalism.

Regarding the lawsuit that Hector’s attorney “In” Jose Luis Guerrero and his daughter Daniela Parra said they would file for the aforementioned crime, Mayer indicated that so far he has not received any notification or news about it.

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