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“Kabale und Liebe” at the Summer Theater in Kiel: entertaining and exciting | – Culture

Status: 13.08.2021 1:24 pm

Outdoors, the Kiel Summer Theater dusted off Schiller’s classic “Kabale und Liebe” and dressed it up like music: with tracks by Hamburg’s indie rock band Kettcar, who were present there.

by Anina Pomerinki

The drama about Ferdinand von Walter and Louise Miller takes its course on an open-air stage with two viewing staircases: wealthy people roam the upper platform, who drive with blue lights in black sports cars and plenty of humble bodyguards. One lives without the Miller family of musicians. It soon becomes clear: in this dictatorial country, the love of Ferdinand, the son of the vice president, and Louise, the musician’s daughter, should not stand a chance. Sneaky plots are prepared. Ferdinand and Louise became a mighty puppet.

Rediscover Schiller’s “Kabale und Liebe”

Musicians from the Katkar ensemble are seated in a golden box to the left of the stage. I have contributed to the production of the music and lyrics and made use of the original script. Bassist Reimer Bustorff did not have the best memories of reading school. “At the time, it didn’t really touch my heart at all,” he says. “I rediscovered it.” “The language is really cool and you can get a lot of use out of it. I can almost say it now and still have moments when I get goosebumps and tears in my eyes.”

Daniel Karasik: “Shiller would have been the indie rocker”

Gustavs Gailus as Ferdinand and Eva Kewer as Luise showed great commitment on the stage.

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The mix of original scripts and modern rock music is entertaining. Between songs, Schiller’s timeless language shines through. Directed by Daniel Krasic from Kiel Theater Confirmed – Schiller could have been indie rock: “The music is appropriate! You could tell Schiller was a rocker in Mannheim days, for sure!”

Practical for a love story: the group vaccinated does not have to worry about distances, they sing and play wonderfully: above all the main actors Eva Cure and Gustavs Gelus. Christian Kamber is also delicious with Wiener Schmäh as Kalb’s extravagant chief of ceremonies and Katharina Abt as Lady Milford.

The video sequence completes the events on the stage

Rippled with grandiose sentiments, morals, class compulsions and intrigues, the multi-layered character developments are especially well defined. Karasek cleverly uses video sequences filmed around the city, which are displayed on two large screens and provide insight into the psychological lives of the characters. It also shows the significance of the play today: with allusions to current dictatorships and a timeless love story.

Applause for “Kabale und Liebe” at the Summer Theater in Kiel

For Karasik, the central questions are: “Where can love go? Can love even break out of a social setting? Is this acceptable? Can you handle it yourself?” These questions are believed to be timeless. “I don’t think this topic existed only in the time of Goethe and Schiller, but we are quite interested in it today.”

Perhaps for this reason, the particularly gripping tragic finale, highlighting yet another theatrical play of the entire production. Three hours including a break pass in a flash. The crowd in Kiel celebrates this with a standing ovation that lasts for minutes. Time and time again, the band has to come on stage to bow out. Rightly so: “Kabale und Liebe” has rarely been so fun and exciting.

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