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GZSZ Suite: This Kollekiez resident poisoned Katrin

Did the GZSZ fan have the right nose? For days, viewers of the popular series early in the evening were puzzled over who could be behind Catherine’s mercury poisoning (Ulrike Frank, 52). At first glance, her partner Tobias (Jean Ketman) appeared to be the prime suspect. However, some network users have taken advantage of ex Melanie (Diana Stahley, 43), who wants revenge on the two. Does the latter have to be right? Actress Catherine Ulric He has the answer.

Warning spoilers!
“Melani is actually behind it and she’s obsessed with the crazy idea of ​​getting Catherine out of the way of mercury poisoning in order to get Tobias back!”The actress revealed in an interview with picture. When the entrepreneur realizes this, it is too late. An exciting confrontation ensues. Melanie kidnaps her ex-husband and Catherine tries to save him at the last minute. Find out if there is a happy ending GZSZFans in the coming days.

Ulric He himself was interested in the action-packed story and photo session, which required a lot from everyone involved. “I am very happy with our team spirit and teamwork GZSZ, “ tightened. For all the drama, they had a lot of fun on set.

Ulric Frank, actress of GZSZ
GZSZ scene with Melanie (Diana Stahley) and Tobias (Jean Ketman)
Catherine (Ulric Frank) and Melanie (Diana Stahley) in GZSZ
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