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Rebecca de Alba talks about what to expect when she returns to television as host of “MasterChef Celebrity”

Rebecca de Alba has announced her official return to Mexican television with the song MasterChef Celebrity (Image: Instagram/@masterchemx)

Having been away from the small screen for almost 10 years, Rebecca de Alba He confirmed his return to television by driving chef She talked about what it means for her to be responsible for one of the world’s most important culinary programs in its Mexican edition.

“it’s a It’s my official comeback And a hundred to Mexican broadcasts and TV because I didn’t do a show every week, We’ll be like nine weeks a fullbutt with MasterChef Celebrity’,” the actress also said in an interview with sweating.

De Alba expressed her happiness that she came back specifically with this program because it is her I’ve always felt so connected to the kitchenHe even considered opening his own restaurant.

Part of the cast of this new contest (Image: Instagram / @vengalaalegriatva)
Part of the cast of this new contest (Image: Instagram / @vengalaalegriatva)

She added that she has been a spectator of past seasons and what she loves most is seeing the effort of the competitors and the adrenaline that she feels, but that being this new installment is for celebrities, she doesn’t know what to expect in the characters who might clash in the competition.

“Here Kitchens are going to explode. There is everything, the artist in general is very temperamental, each one has a personality that I can’t reveal by name, but Everyone has such a diverse personality“Everyone knows how to cook or at least has an important rule, and that’s what it is: the passion, the challenge, the fact that the audience loves this program so much,” said de Alba.

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Through her social networks, she also said that she was finally able to talk about this new project that she will be working on and that she is grateful to be accepted as host.

Rebecca de Alba was happy to finally reveal that she is the host of the upcoming MasterChef México broadcast (Video: Twitter / @MasterChefMx)

Although she never parted with her followers, Rebecca decided to leave Televisa, the company she had worked for for several years, in 1998 when she began participating in Universal Mexican On TV Azteca. Then in 2018, learn that Banned from San Angel TV It is classified as a “non-contracted person”.

Since then he has been gradually moving away from driving in Mexico, sometimes devoting himself to acting, which is what he advocated MasterChef Celebrity As usual, “official”.

A few days ago, Annette Michele, who was the host of a program reality cooking for almost all seasons, She mentioned that she won’t be a part of next season. During an interview with the magazine World Health Organization, Michel revealed why he decided to leave the show and what his plans are:

Annette Michel is determined to explore new areas of show at Televisa (Image: Instagram / @anettemicheltv)
Annette Michel is determined to explore new areas of show at Televisa (Image: Instagram / @anettemicheltv)

“What I wanted was to do something more than Chef. For a few years, I’ve been really raising my hands to do other things… I’m not in the same place, I have this opportunity to evolve and navigate this universe of opportunity‘ said Annette.

Now she decided to try her luck on Televisa, appearing on several programs as a special guest.

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Today, some of the names of the participants in the competition were revealed, including: Stephanie Salas, Alicia Machado, Jorge Aravena, Patricia Navidad, William Valdes, German Monero, Laura Zapata, Jose Joel, Daniela Alexis ‘La Pepchita’, Dali, Mauricio Islas, Matilde Charrigon, Aristeo Casarescos and Pazares,.

The date of the broadcast of the program was not announced, as the presentation of the program was only due to the start of recordings.

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