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Rovran Bambara (large families): His children are denied medical care because of the show

at Big Families, Life in XXL (TF1), several tribes agreed to open the doors to their extraordinary daily lives. Exceptional adventure isn’t always synonymous with good things. In fact, with its growing bad reputation, some families are under heavy criticism on social networks. the worst, Rovran Bambara Simply failed by the doctor.

Tuesday, June 29, 2021, received by the candidate a story Instagram for illustration They want his son circumcisedKhair Al-Din and Shamsi Al-Din 3 years. A benign operation that I managed to perform on the 27th of next July … until it was suddenly canceled. “I got a call yesterday from the secretary who said to me: “We will cancel the two operations, there is a vital emergency!” At the time, I was on PLS, I had back pain, and I didn’t feel well, so I don’t care much. She still gave me the number of another clinic, but without giving me the name of a doctor‘, the mother of the quadruplets reported.

I don’t want to work on your kids anymore

The next day, Rovran Bambara decided to get more explanations. And on the phone, the secretary no longer takes the tweezers with her, and sends her a very critical call: “She answers: “It is like this and nothing else.”‘, I wondered again. An answer that of course does not fit at all with a beautiful 27-year-old brunette, who then plans to go straight to the clinic to confront the surgeon and hold him accountable. Finally, she gave him the last. He calls.Call me a convincing number. He’s the surgeon! He said to me: Madam Bambara, I will be very honest with you. (…) We didn’t tell you the truth, in fact I don’t want to operate on your children anymore!‘ Then learn surfers.

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The reason is unexpected, to say the least: “I don’t want to deal with people from your background, from TV“Perhaps Rovran Bambara assured her that no camera would follow her during the procedure, and the professional didn’t give up.”Fortunately I only participate in big families and not in Temptation Island! “The young sneer favored still inside في a story. It specifies by passing that the clinic administration “It absolves itself of any responsibility because it is a private clinic“.