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Twilight: 5 Actresses Who Could Have Steal The Role From Kristen Stewart

Discover five famous actresses who almost gave their faces to Bella, the heroine of the saga “Twilight”, before Kristen Stewart was finally chosen.

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Emily Browning

2012 Findlay Productions Limited

Even before the Twilight casting process began, novelist Stephanie Meyer had reported on her blog that she wanted this young actress to play Bella: “Just look at her lips! I love her!” It was written at the time. Then the 19-year-old actress became famous for The Disastrous Adventures of the Baudelaire Orphelins and Drifting. as you trust in inquirer Years later, Emily Browning expected the success of the franchise and refused to attend the audition that was then offered to her on the set:

“I guess I definitely wasn’t ready at the time to deal with all this crazy attention. People knew Twilight would work, but no one thought it would be like that.” “(…) If it were me, she adds, I wouldn’t have dared to act then, just thinking of the way [Robert Pattinson et Kristen Stewart] They were constantly harassed after this movie. I’m worried just thinking about it, I don’t think I would have known how to handle it. (…) So I have no regrets.”

Lily Collins

Constantin Film Verleih GmbH

In preparation time Twilight – Chapter 1: Magic, Lily Collins is little known and has only one voice for the Disney movie Tarzan, which was released almost ten years ago. She won’t get the role of Bella, and it will take two years to notice her character alongside Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side (2009). In 2013, she quickly brought her hearing into a microphone desperately want (Across EOnline):

It was years ago. I was weird, I was starting exams and I kept asking myself “what’s going to happen?” Everyone in the waiting room is waiting for you, these are the most anxious moments for a young actor.

Next, Collins will try to get his personal franchise: Mortal Instruments, which will be discontinued after the failure of the first authorship. Since then, the actress has portrayed in dozens of projects (television and cinema). She’s recently been in the spotlight since appearing in the series Emily in Paris, and in David Fincher Monk’s film, as an assistant to the character played by Gary Oldman.

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Jennifer Lawrence


The Hunger Games star was unknown at the time of his casting twilightAnd, like many of his female colleagues, he was trying to land a role in this future franchise. Eight years later, Jennifer Lawrence will attest to her state of mind at the time:

I remember when the first movie came out I saw Kristen Stewart (…) getting paparazzi everywhere she went. I had no idea that auroras would be such a phenomenon. For me, I imagine, for [Kristen Stewart]It was just one more experience.

The ones American media sometimes call “J-Law” would be revealed to fans of independent cinema with Winter’s Bone (2010), and then to the general public by playing Mystique in X-Men: The Beginning, prior to the global success of the Hunger Games saga. You will soon be shooting Mob Girl under the supervision of Paolo Sorrentino, the true story of an FBI informant who infiltrated the mafia.

Sarah Paxton

Tiberius movie

Sarah Paxton started her career in childhood, before she got her own TV series: Darcy. This TV show and her participation in the movie Aquamarine, in which she played a mermaid and played Jojo and Emma Roberts, earned her an audition for the role of Bella. She was ultimately not selected and left to shoot Craig Mazin’s Superhero Movie (2008).

Michael Trachtenberg

Michael Trachtenberg

Best known for her roles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Dawn) and Gossip Girl (Georgina), Michelle Trachtenberg has also replaced Kristen Stewart. She left with a small advantage, because she already knows the manager Charm Catherine Hardwicke for getting close to staring at her debut, Thirteen, before her filming schedule at Al Shahba Don’t stop him. Why wasn’t she chosen to be Bella? what she said us weekly : Chances are there aren’t many pale girls in Hollywood., then assuming that it was not kept because of ‘Planning Concerns’. In fact, she was already turning around gossip Girl At the time, but she consoled herself by telling herself that she did “Already given in vampires” With Al Shahba.

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