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Not only Crystal Silva, Vanessa Claudio is also back in Venga la Alegría

Vanessa Claudio has been a member of Al Sabah newspaper for years. Photo: Venga la Alegría

Between applause and displays of affection Vanessa Claudio returned as guest host for come joy distance Two years after he left the program and regained the dynamics with his peers.

This Tuesday, morning Azteca TV Received two of its leaders in the forum. Silva Crystal He is back after being controversially excluded from the reality show survivor s Vanessa Claudio, a former VLA host, joined as the host who surprised fans of the show.

The production announced on social networks that the Puerto Rican supermodel will return on Tuesday to the Mexican program that he put to the public’s taste. through your account TwitterAnd the Vanessa Claudio said she was happy To participate in the company of some of his former colleagues and during the broadcast he took part in their old dynamics.

Happy to be at Venga la Alegría as a guest, thank you for the love!“, Wrote.

The anchor announced her return to VLA on her Twitter account (Capture: @VZCR/Twitter)
The anchor announced her return to VLA on her Twitter account (Capture: @VZCR/Twitter)

Carlos “El Cap” Perez He was one of the happiest drivers with the arrival of his former partner and friend. Behind the scenes, the comedian spent his time talking with the cast of the show Tell me what you know. He took advantage of his presence to record a strange story where Assume that their friendship is still intact.

In one of the short videos, “El Capi” approaches Vanessa Claudio after the food section of Chef Mariano Sandoval finished. With one arm extended and one hand holding the cell phone, the driver hugged the former beauty queen as she reciprocated.

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What a pleasure, don’t listen to itCarlos Perez mentioned while trying to convince Claudio to stop talking to Mariano Sandoval so he could record a video with him. The cook, in an unobtrusive manner, approached his two companions, causing Puerto Ricans to laugh.

The comedian greeted his ex-partner with open arms (Capture: elcapiperez/Instagram)
The comedian greeted his ex-partner with open arms (Capture: elcapiperez/Instagram)

Vanessa Claudio was present in various sections of the program such as Entertainment areaInside Mariano Sandoval’s kitchen and in the game without words, where the driver previously participated as part of the city team.

On Twitter, the show’s production posted a photo showing the former Sabah host doing the classic game paper or scissors With Cynthia Rodriguez To determine which team will start first. Social media users have taken advantage of this space to say so They were happy to have him back.

The feather represents the good times From SP, when it was played fairly and everything was fun. Not as now with tricks, anger and cheating, “”It was great watching Vine play SP again “,”Seeing a feather we won. I will never get over her passing and am so happy to see her again,” they wrote.

Vanessa Claudio remembered the time she spent "without words"(Photo: @vengalaalegria/Twitter)
Vanessa Claudio remembered her time on “Without Words” (Image: @vengalaalegria/Twitter)

In the tweet of Vanessa Claudio, her fans sent messages of affection and appreciation, in addition, many asked the presenter to stay in the morning instead of Crystal Silva, who apparently fell in love with the audience since her controversial departure. survivor.

Stay instead of Crystal SylviaI think he will marry and leave the position.Crystal fell off the pedestal, but let the queen come back“,” Hire Vanessa Claudio, it gives a wonderful spark to the program “,” You must be in this program instead of Laura JThey wrote.

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Vanessa Claudio left come joy 2019 but ended his relationship with the TV station until the beginning of 2020 because he moved to Miami to join Telemundo. Tell me what you know, a space where it works to this day. However, share with Azteca TV In the last installment of Miss Universe.

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