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Michael Drucker: Why does he refuse to retire?

After a long period of recovery after a heart operation, Michael Drucker is back to health Sunday roll On France 2. Because for 78 years there is no question of retirement: he already has projects in his head. The revelation published on the site screen star September 5.

Special during the 2020-2021 season, Michael Drucker He made a strong comeback on TV on Sunday, March 28, 2021 in France 2. At the end of his recovery period after a heart surgery, the iconic host was able to return to the plateau. This serious health problem did not stop Michelle Drucker from doing this Resumption of media activities. So much so that the public service provider has already done A very busy start to the school year. On the program: His return to the stage as well Memory of a cult TV show. “A special is scheduled on the Champs-Elysees to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the show. I will resume my solo show in January. I will always talk about my career there but there will be a double novelty: I will talk about this what I just tried but with irony and I will put two Michel Drucker on stage. Today he will debate One with the young apprentice thanks to a technical trick that I allowed you to discover.”So Michel Drucker pointed out On Telé Star September 5.

“It’s simple, I’ve stopped aging.”

78-year-old Michael Drucker continues to do so seduce viewers Always get good results from the audience. strong More than five decades of work In addition to unparalleled technical know-how, it would be a mistake for France 2 to deprive itself of its services. For his part, Michael Drucker reckons Non-stop professional activities. “Retirement is a word that I have crossed out of my vocabulary for too long. I have friends who decided one day to retire: then they saw themselves aging so quickly that they advised me not to use them. As Raymond DeVos replied to me one day when I asked about his health: “It’s simple, I stopped about old age. and the host Still teeming with projects In the company of a great Olympic champion. “I started as a trainee at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. My dearest wish is to cover those events in Paris in 2024. I really hope my guest of honor is Teddy Rayner.” It’s hard to stop Michael Drucker.

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