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Nekfeu presents and responds to Clara Luciani

Clara Luciani Advertise in the “question box” The Canal + channel you want to do a feat with Buba. An ad that did not fail to get him to interact and clash with a rapper with whom the singer has already collaborated, we swear.

As he likes to regularly mention, the Duke of Boulogne has dominated the French rap game for several decades. Even after 25 years of his career, the artist surpasses the world rankings and still manages to please and even expand his fan base. The numbers from his latest album “Ultra” are proof of that. Despite the clashes and provocations, many artists dream of collaborating with B2O, regardless of the underlying musical universe. Singer Clara Luciani, for example, has revealed her interest in the artist. lent herself to the game Question box “Run Channel + When asked “After Nykfu, which rapper would you like to do a feat?”, she answered: “Bubba”. A statement that did not fail to make the Duke react, always on the lookout.

The one who continues to deal with Youssef did not say anything against the singer, but rather found fault with her previous collaboration. Clara Luciani shared a track with Nkfu called “Avant tu riais”. A feat in which Booba bounced back to attack the rapper, who also collaborated with Gims. On the hacker’s Instagram, he posted a story: “Hi, you’re right about the casserole because Nekfrites really isn’t, he’s done a feat with the real estate king in Marrakech and he’s a good tuba”. In other words, the friends of my enemies are my enemies. The Duke has always said that, those who cooperate with rivals are traitors and we know that one cannot do better in their view of the Sexion d’Assaut member.

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In the meantime, one question remains, is the achievement with Clara Luciani possible?