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Ricky Martin responds to intolerant comments about his homosexuality

open as ever, Ricky Martin He opened his heart today and expressed his unease when he realized that things hadn’t changed much in a decade, when he decided to take over Homosexuality And live your new life honestly.

“Pause…today I want to talk to you from my most vulnerable side…a week ago, I uploaded some pictures with my husband for a special issue of @cap74024 magazine. It was a great experience for both of us and a way to celebrate our pride” was the way the Puerto Rican started his message on his Instagram account.

In it, the translator of “La Mordedita” commented to his surprise that many people stopped following him or made unpleasant comments in publications, where he appeared in black and white photos with her husband. Jwan Yusef; Something that was not expected especially after all the work that has been done to eliminate this type of work.

“Of course, it’s not the number of followers that worries me, but rather the message behind their decision that caused me the same feeling I had years ago before I publicly shared about my sexual orientation. This same fear that paralyzed me tormented me and wouldn’t let me.”

“And that fear that I have just spoken of no longer paralyzes me, on the contrary, it gives me more strength and motivates me to continue working for the well-being of the millions of people who suffer every day because of lack of acceptance.”

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That is why, out of frustration, said the Puerto Rican, the work he and his husband did for the publication lead him to celebrate his family and what he is, unabashedly and with great pride, because his greatest wish is that everyone can feel free and happy.

“…to be loved, respected and accepted. To be able to express ourselves how we are born without revenge or punishment. It is unfair to continue to lose precious lives due to prejudice and lack of education.”

Ricky Martin ends his letter by inviting all those who are going through a situation where they do not feel respected and accepted, and don’t forget that they are not alone and there is a large community ready to receive and support them.

Urban artist J. Bealvin responded to this post “You are the most special man in the world, I will marry you,” a comment that in half an hour had more than five thousand likes.

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Poncho de Negres, Tommy Torres, Jesus Navarro (Rick), Rodner Figueroa, Carla Morrison, Alex de la Madrid, Luis Fonsi, Pedro Capo, Patricia Manterola, is another celebrity who supported Ricky Martin in his letter.