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GZSZ Preview (June 28 – July 2): First suspicions against Laura – Nazan suddenly become suspicious

In our preview we tell you what will happen at GZSZ in the coming days and up to three weeks in advance.

Secret Catherines The poisoning was finally revealed. You can see who is actually behind it broadcasting on TVNOW Premium. Emily Facing Havoc: A fire has destroyed your Vlederbag store. Who is responsible for the fire? I heard by chance nazan With, like a doctor Lura He asks how are they. When the doctor arranged the abortions chronologically, Nazan noticed a tentative disagreement. Can you convict Laura?

GZSZ Preview for Monday, June 28, Episode 7287

Such as Nihad He learns from the hidden call, and is angry. Layla He tries to explain himself, but Nihad, in pain, keeps his distance. To distract himself, he decided to go with him Peache to go to celebrate. Catherine admit Tobias The truth is acknowledged for its sake. She wants to finally believe her boyfriend and Melodies Stop taking accusations so seriously.

GZSZ Preview for Tuesday, June 29, Episode 7288

Such as Tony learn it Eric She moves on to Steglitz, she’s sad. Of course, she still wants to support her ex-boyfriend and help him pull. Nihad in line with Peache Depending on the mood of his party, but it soon becomes clear: peaches are in it! Nihad starts right away Layla to miss her, which is why he immediately rings her out of bed. Their argument was forgotten, but Nihad’s thoughts could not calm down…

GZSZ has been in operation for nearly 29 years. In the Video We show you what happened to Julia, Verena & Co:

GZSZ preview for Wednesday, June 30, Episode 7289

take in fear Catherine She receives lab test results and finally learns where her persistent symptoms are coming from. The result is clear – Gerner Determined and wants to alert the police. Emily Enough: I betrayed Peache at the owner. She works out her plan and delivers the apartment to her neighbor. Emily is happy and has no idea that Beach’s exit wouldn’t be any quieter…

GZSZ preview for Thursday, July 1, Episode 7290

Because Emily Because Peache The party can not concentrate, they continue to work from home. Before Peach finally said goodbye, she gave her neighbor something to take with her. Emily’s warning was not heard. The next day I got a nasty surprise. Tonis And the Erics The mood couldn’t be better: your euphoria briefly faded, after all, Erik’s new furniture still had to be brought into his apartment. Surprisingly, Tony makes a suggestion…

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GZSZ Preview for Friday (July 2) Episode 7291

Lura Can not stop and do Felix Still beautiful eyes. as a doctor Lura Asked about her pregnancy leaves it nazan Sit and watch. due to work shutdown EMILYS The store was hit hard. she wants it Peache He pays for the damage, but there is a problem: the owner of the party is not sufficiently insured. Emily is desperate and has already given up hope – can her shop still save?

GZSZ Preview for Monday, July 5, Episode 7292

nazan She drops her doubts again. However, there Lura again to Felix He recovers, but he bites the granite. She removes all her anger on Nazan, who raises her initial suspicion. Nihad take sides Kate Comes with tuner In an argument about the reality of paternity. Layla He realizes with great concern how stressful Nouhad is in the situation.

GZSZ Preview for Tuesday, July 6, Episode 7293

Nihad Determined to move forward with his plan, he cannot find his passport. Throw Layla before hiding this document. She trusts herself in her pain tuner She openly admits that she can no longer understand her boyfriend. While nazan Wants to do more research, try Lura young doctor Felix for defamation. He protects Laura from Nazan, but at the same time begins to doubt her honesty…

GZSZ preview for Wednesday (07.07.) Episode 7294

Because Tonis If the birthday present arrives prematurely, she’ll want to make her celebration go ahead without further ado. Eric He does his best to ensure Tony has an unforgettable day. With jonas As a DJ, there is a lot of party atmosphere in the neighborhood. Nihad talking to himself Layla He tries to explain his situation to her. In order for Nihad to become completely “the old” again, he urgently wants to change some things. But this time he is also very involved in his project …

GZSZ Preview for Thursday, July 8, Episode 7295

who – which Emily They can no longer save their store causing great frustration. However, she doesn’t want to give up her brand anytime soon and is making a plan. But then she gets an unexpected headwind. Is Vlederbag date now? The Kiez Festival was mainly for jonas complete success. To get a music label, he puts in great effort and tries new tracks. Indeed: he will be rewarded for his ambition!

GZSZ Preview for Friday, July 9, Episode 7296

after this Nina again for Catherine I intervened, you want to go on vacation together leon Reward. Also because she’s afraid she’ll be of secondary importance again after she comes back. But then, Catherine threw a wrench into the works. pol horrified to find out Emily She wants to sell her brand. together with John And the Philip He wants to keep his girlfriend away from her plan. Can you prevent the contract from being signed in time?

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GZSZ Preview for Monday 12th July Episode 7297

Nina decides to accept the offer and Catherine To intervene as a general manager. She will take the planned leave with you leon So she has to cancel, annoys her friend. In order to continue enjoying the atmosphere of a little holiday, Leon simply transfers the canceled timeout to its four walls.

GZSZ preview for Tuesday 13 July Episode 7298

jonas He is thrilled and happy that he has finally found a brand. When he met the famous singer Nikki He meets, however, concealing that in addition to DJing, he also has a full-time job at Kiezkauf. Tonis Birthday is coming. Because she’s already partyed, she just wants to have a quiet day at her favorite lake. But nothing will come of it…

GZSZ Preview for Wednesday, July 14, Episode 7299

Because Nina Not in time for a product appointment Svenja creates, should John And the leon Jump without further ado to bridge the gap. They decided to show Svenia the construction and her work. As Leon proves his talent as a chef, Svenja suddenly has an idea… jonas You should worry about working with the label. He realizes he wants to quit his neighborhood buying job.

GZSZ preview for Thursday, July 15, Episode 7300

Emily She does her best to advance her business in spite of everything. Always imagining that the insurance company will pay her money soon, it is somewhat reassuring. But then the bad news reached Emily. Nina Let the product know they are with leon in a relationship. Svenja He underestimates the situation and tries to calm Nina. She reflects on a bad joke and Svenja promises to talk to Leon again about her offer.

GZSZ Preview for Friday (July 16) Episode 7301

joanna come home and Gerner Looking forward to spending time with his daughter. However, she is too busy with her cell phone to dedicate herself to her family. The lawyer views the situation with skepticism, after all, Joanna puts all her energy into her social media profile. Emily She is combative, but when she receives a damper from Gerner, she also has to admit that she won’t get a cent from the insurance company.

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GZSZ Review for Monday, June 21, Episode 7282

Gerner worry about Catherine and asked for advice from Iphone. This confirms her husband’s suspicions. When Gerner encounters Catherine, she downplays the symptoms you are experiencing and promises to be careful. Emily Should provide an alternative, but she decided to keep the remote control in the jukebox to avoid the nuisance of renewed noise Peache To be able to face it. However, the fact that it is much quieter now has its drawbacks…

GZSZ Review for Tuesday, June 22, Episode 7283

Tony happy with Erics Support, but struggles to trust him. Eric just wants to be there for her as a girlfriend. Such as Moritz realize it Laura Nazan | Wanting to blame the situation, the collar nearly exploded. He confronts his sister by representing them and is forced to retreat while Laura tries to explain her actions.

GZSZ Review for Wednesday, June 23, Episode 7284

nazan feel it Felix alienate the decision. He also quarrels with his work. In an emotional mess she explodes from, which Nazan especially suffers from… Emily glad to John She is happy that she can work peacefully in the shop while her half-brother is around Peache Happy – until it goes beyond another limit …

GZSZ Review for Thursday, June 24, Episode 7285

Catherine It still did not get better – on the contrary: when she had a nosebleed at a meeting and then fainted, Tobias upset. He takes his girlfriend to the hospital. Catherine hesitated, but then hung up Philip towards a slight doubt. Since the construction has recently been repeatedly checked by various authorities, they should Nina And the leon He slowly asks what is all this…

GZSZ Review for Friday, June 25, Episode 7286

While Nihad Still hoping to get feedback from Dubai, epidemics Layla bad conscience Should you tell your boyfriend the truth? But then Nouhad finally got the answer he craved – and that made him struggle. Gerner Find the girls It exaggerates anxiety and encourages her to focus on work. Easier said than done. Nina quickly realizes that she can’t go on like this.

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