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The chariot of perseverance found trash on Mars.  Who left them?

The chariot of perseverance found trash on Mars. Who left them?

No one has reached Mars yet, and there is already rubbish there. What did the chariot of perseverance find and who got it dirty?

The Persevering rover has been on Mars since February 2021, and he and his flight companion, the Ingenuity drone, have never met any Martians there. However, they do not search for it extensively. Mars is a planet whose surface only rocks and robots can do well. What did perseverance find, and how do you ensure that people are responsible for the trash?

Where did you find trash perseverance?

The discovery of the rover, although mysterious at first glance, is clearly visible and its location. Cosmic debris is a shiny plate stuck between rocks at Jazero Crater, about two kilometers from where the Perseverance landed.

Who leaves trash on Mars?

On Mars, the only candidates for cosmic filth are space probes, which we’ve been sending out from Earth for 50 years. Landers were placed there, and the rovers Sojourner, Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity ended their lives on Mars. In 1971, two Soviet ProP-M spacecraft attempted to enrich the planet’s surface. One did not survive the landing, and the other almost immediately lost contact with the ground.

The locations of the probe on the surface of MarsNASA Mars Passengers Sites

However, their remains were unable to reach the Jazero Crater, and none of the Persevering Ancestors had the option to part with the trash. He is the Martian record holder in the sprint and has the best chances in the marathon. However, even perseverance during a one-time run covers only several hundred metres, and intensive training in March 2022 means he has completed routes of a total length of 5 km per month.

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The road of the chariot of perseveranceThe road of the chariot of perseverance

On the red planet, you can also meet the Chinese rover Zhurong. However, it is not a good candidate for the culprit. Zhurong is located in the northern hemisphere of Mars and will not be able to approach the Jazero crater in the center of the planet.

To whom does the trash found by perseverance belong?

The sheet that has fallen prey to the lens of the persistent rover is his property. The robot’s ground crew only had to consult the March 2020 mission archives to prove it was a thermal blanket carefully packed into the rocket lander while on the ground.

The object must have separated as the rover was deposited on the planet’s surface and eventually landed on the rocks. They could have been carried by Martian winds for 2 km, as well as by those caused by the landing engines.

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Will perseverance clean up behind it?

According to information provided by NASA, the blanket is within the lens of the roving probe. However, it is not certain that the bot will be able to access the rollback. If anyone has doubts about what to do next, they can check out the rover’s Twitter account. existence:

  • Professionally collecting Martian rocks,
  • take amazing photos,
  • He is passionate about off-road driving.

It was equipped with the function of a stone basket, but not a trash can! Of course it It will not clean after itself. Soon it will be Martian garbage itself.

Sources: NASA