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The envied relationship between Belinda and her mother-in-law: this is how they sang and lived together during the return of Christian Nodal

During Christian Nodal’s concert in Monterrey, he was accompanied by his family and his partner, singer Belinda. Amid speculation that the celebrity is pregnant, the ‘Pop Princess’ was seen lovingly with her mother-in-law.

On Stories from Instagram, Kristi Nodal, the singer’s mother, shared the touching moment she spent with Belinda backstage. Christian He took a hiatus from his tours due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

That time helped them get closer in more intimate aspects. Nodal Belinda family accepts, Although it also turns out that it wouldn’t be the same for the protagonist’s mother Sidekicks to the rescue.

In recent posts on social networks, on the occasion of the birthday of Amelie, Christian’s sister, the Nodal family gathered to celebrate a very secretive, but full of surprises such as a themed cake and shots tequila. However, Belinda did not toast with the rest of the family.

As seen in the stories shared by Emily Nodal, from her Instagram account, Belinda attended the event alongside Christian, But at the time of making a toast with tequila horses, the interpreter abstained.

In the clip, you can also watch how Nodal’s mother instigated Belinda to toast an empty horse, and this started the series of controversial speculations about her pregnancy.

According to Belinda’s followers, she abstained from alcohol during her sister-in-law’s celebration to take care of her supposed pregnancy, and a video also went viral on social networks where the singer claims that she is a week pregnant: “I warn you I have 13 weeks” He said at my client’s celebration.

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on the other side, Christian Nodal At the press conference for his upcoming concert in Monterrey, he responded to rumors that his fiancée, Belinda, hides a Pregnancy.

The 22-year-old singer has been questioned about his love story for his future wife, which was recently flagged on social media for allegedly trying to hide her pregnancy. before asking “Will you be a father, yes or no?”Nodal replied, which was taken with amusement YeahSoon, but from tablet This doesn’t take long to launch.

He said at the conference, in which cameras participated Tell me what you know They came and shared the photos on their Instagram account.

“I didn’t raise him very well, what would it be like when these things happen, I don’t know if we’ll make it public Or it will be private, that’s something that hasn’t been discussed yet. Me and my partner too Do things step by step Well done,” said Sonoran.

He added that he and Belinda would like to do things quietly, so they would like to get married first and then enjoy it a bit, then have children and give them a chance. Enjoy every stage of your love.

He also shared his wish Becoming a father at 24 We hope that one day they will be up to five their offspring. Previously, but in the same week, Belinda shared it Stories His visit to a jewelry store, where he was seen with a Loose blouse touching her stomachThat is why some of her followers said it was a sign of pregnancy.

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