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The Flash actor may not have a DC future at Warner Bros.

The Flash actor may not have a DC future at Warner Bros.

After attracting negative attention several times, officials at Warner Bros. They pulled the emergency brake on Ezra Miller.

Ezra Miller is one of the few stars in the now relatively underpowered DCEU who is still getting solo films through Warner Bros. This can certainly be considered a kind of tribute, because it places Miller’s “The Flash” in the best companies next to “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” and “Wonder Woman 3”.

Director Andy Muschietti’s (“ES”) film is a particularly ambitious work, as it is meant to be a springboard for all of Warner’s films strewn with countless iterations of Batman, Superman and Co. In the movie “The Flash” there will be a meeting not only with Batman from Ben Affleck, but also with Michael Keaton the Dark Knight. Warner may be hoping for a similar effect with this constellation as with “Spider-Man: No Way Home” from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

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But it is likely that Miller’s single will remain, after the 29-year-old made a brief appearance at DCEU. The reason for this is the same, in 2020, the star of “Fantastic Beasts” attracted negative attention after a video emerged showing him strangling a fan in front of a bar in Reykjavik, Iceland. Now, the star was recently arrested in Hawaii after police arrested him – also in a bar – for disorderly behavior and harassment of patrons (via rolling rock). He was released from custody on $500 bond, but shortly thereafter threatened a couple he was staying with. So he is said to have broken into her bedroom with the phrase “I bury you and your whore wife.” The couple, who also stole them, obtained a restraining order against Miller.

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With all the negative headlines Miller has been making lately, it was only a matter of time before officials at Warner Bros. reacted. After all, they also got rid of Johnny Depp. According to insider reports, there was a crisis meeting at Warner regarding Miller. It is said that an agreement was reached to stop any further participation of the actor in the capital projects. This would also jeopardize a potential sequel to “The Flash” if it were successful. Especially since it was said that he actually misbehaved while filming this movie. Regardless, there are some DC work that fans can definitely look forward to in the near future, as you can see from our video.

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Hollywood Cleans Up: Johnny Depp and Will Smith Feel It Too

Big box office successes just as big names no longer protect against the consequences of social and private perversions. Not only did Hollywood star Mel Gibson and rising star Lindsay Lohan feel this way, but so did Johnny Depp and most recently Will Smith. It should be noted that the situation in Depp is a little more ambiguous. Smith, on the other hand, was pretty conspicuous after slipping his hand and hitting Chris Rock’s face at the 94th Academy Awards.

Perhaps the lively character of the scandal also explains why the consequences are drawn so quickly. Meanwhile, some studios and streaming services have either pulled or stopped their projects with Smith. This also includes projects such as “Bad Boys 4”. The current status of the recently announced “I Am Legend 2” is unclear.

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In this test, all you need to know about the movie is required. Because it’s about getting to know your stars based on previous roles:

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