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The James Webb Space Telescope is now 'perfectly placed' in position

The James Webb Space Telescope is now ‘perfectly placed’ in position

NASA said the James Webb Space Telescope is in the right place to start work. The device has already sent the first test images. Over the next two months, his tools will be configured and tested in different batches.

After a complete review, NASA experts concluded that after the seventh – the final stage of positioning, the long-awaited space observatory was in the right position to capture absolutely sharp images.

sample photos

The telescope has already taken test images and sent them back in the full field of view.

“These amazing experimental footage shows what people from different countries can achieve when guided by a bold scientific vision to explore the universe,” comments Lee Feinberg of the Robert H. Goddard Space Flight Center, responsible for the telescope’s optical observatory.

Test images taken with the James Webb Space TelescopeNASA / STScI

The tool works better than the engineers expected. Web mirrors capture perfectly focused light and transmit it to all instruments on board.

Quality is limited only by physical phenomena related to the nature of light and the size of the telescope itself.

“With the telescope setup complete and after half a life of preparations, my role on the James Webb Telescope mission is over,” said Scott Acton, one of the scientists working on the telescope. The images sent have profoundly changed the way I look at the universe. We are surrounded by a symphony of creation – galaxies are everywhere. I hope everyone in the world will see them – the expert added.

Two more months

Now it’s time to start all the tools. It will take another two months. Each tool is a very complex detector with specific tasks, equipped with unique lenses, frames, filters, and more.

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All tools will now be configured and tested in different combinations for observability. The telescope will be directed to different sides of the sky, which will lead to changes in the amount of solar radiation that reaches it. This will allow you to check thermal stability when observing objects at different points.

During all tests, engineers will check mirror alignment every two days and make adjustments if necessary.

What is the James Webb Telescope?

The James Webb Telescope is the most powerful, largest and most complex space telescope ever built. Scientists hope to answer questions about the solar system, distant stars, and the origins of the universe.

It was created in collaboration with NASA, the European Space Agency, and the Canadian Space Agency, among others.

James Webb Space Telescope mirror

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Main image source: NASA GSFC / CIL / Adriana Manrique Gutierrez