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Diablo 2: Apocalypse Won't Be Ready For Premiere?  The beta version has players worried

Diablo 2: Apocalypse Won’t Be Ready For Premiere? The beta version has players worried

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August 16, 2021, 12:26

Diablo II: Revived beta testing in progress. According to the opinions of players, the technical condition of the production of Blizzard leaves much to be desired.

Quick overview:

  1. Early Access Open Beta is in progress Diablo 2: Resurrected.
  2. Those who have already had the opportunity to play this title are complaining about a large number of errors.
  3. Some players are wondering if the game will be ready on release day.

Diablo II: Revamped beta testing begins August 13th. All those who pre-ordered the basic version of the game, or the Prime Evil Collection edition, can see on their skin by tomorrow what the creators of the hacknslash updated version have prepared. Those who have already played have a lot of reservations about the state of production.

In custom plugin Diablo 2: Resurrection On Reddit forum Players share insights into what’s in the beta. can be deduced, That there are a lot of bugs in the game just over a month until the premiere.

The game looks great, but the small bugs that can be encountered during the normal play of Acts One and Two are so many that it’s clear that the game won’t be ready in a month. This includes things like map issues, animation errors, NPC errors, chat issues, lobby, wall mobs, etc.

Added to this are more serious issues, such as lag/delay in strike, foyer console release, ladder, or asset loading at different times.

The fact that a month before the premiere only reveals some characters and 2 action on level 1 is not promising. Given the state of the game we’ve seen in alpha, it looks like this game could use at least the next six months to improve, if not a year.

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As a veteran, with just two operations, I’ve made over 30 mistakes. This is about 10% of the content they are sure to expose. That’s not something I’ll be able to finish in a month, especially given the pace of progress we’ve seen between the Alpha and now.

– TechnicalNobody user.

My biggest issue was the chat functionality, which was just confusing. As far as I know, there’s no way I can “whisper” to a stranger. I feel like it might go unnoticed, but this is a real problem that will really hurt this game.

The social aspect of D2 […]It should not be overlooked. This is currently started.

– Pl0OnReddit user

It is also worth citing the opinions of players from our arena, straight from the Gry-Online forum. There you can also see reviews complaining about the technical condition of the old and new Diablo 2. Although it should be noted that there are also positive reviews.

Here are the comments from the forum, keeping the original spelling:

The game is basically a lot of fun because it’s modern D 2. That’s what it was all about. Unfortunately, the problem also lies in large errors and malfunctions. It disables chatting in the game every moment, what strange character ban has to be re-entered, etc because I don’t want to believe it will all be fixed in the remaining month for the premiere. Single box can be unlimited because there are only 3 tabs? How does that make this game difficult? Will I have fun again with 5mW to store items? It promises to be really cool, but having already played a few hours in beta I don’t know by any miracle they want 180z – 40€ for it. This is the greatest absurdity for me. I understand 20 euros, 25 max, but a lot? After all, it’s still a 20-year-old game.

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– User stefan150

And I heard voices among the commentators reminding them of this Diablo II: Resurrection It is a modified version of the game from 21 years ago and does not need to be completely adapted to what is standard today.

I played all day yesterday and never had problems like you. Once, I couldn’t log into or delete my post because I got a message that the post was in-game. Log off and take a 15-minute break from the pomogo computer. Well, once I had a connection problem it brought me back a bit as the character progressed. That’s it. The rest is the same as in the original version, that is, in comparison with the current RPG, slow and demanding gameplay, without chopping hundreds of mobs with a single wave of ax and shields with neckline to crotch. I have what I was expecting, keep testing.

I would like to remind all the disaffected that this is a revamped beta Diablo 2, Nor Diablo 4 if Exile Road 2So it’s still the same game, but nicer. Having a good time, but if this type of gameplay is boring for him, I recommend waiting for Lost Ark, there will be fast-paced action, lots of colorful lights and boobs, like a watermelon.

-uytkownik ToSin

Summarizing the picture that emerges from the above opinions: We are dealing with a game, What you can see is not ready yet. Will there be one on premiere day? You may have doubts, but remember that we are still in the open beta, which will be held from August 20-23; Perhaps by then at least some bugs can be eliminated.

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Players praise the original version; Diablo 2: Resurrection It seems to follow the same path that video games followed two decades ago, which is sure to be an advantage for fans of the series. The question is whether sent Will she be able to attract new people with the old school spirit? Time will tell.