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The new trailer features the second DLC character

The new trailer features the second DLC character

When it comes to unique characters, there are likely to be few fighting game series that can rival Guilty Gear. One of these strange characters is Jack-O, who last played him in Guilty Gear Xrd.

Arc System Works now owns a Jack-O for the new Guilty Gear Strive (Buy now ) It was announced as the second DLC character after Goldlewis Dickinson. However, a lot has happened to their playing style since they debuted on Xrd. In the last branch, Jack-O was able to create various “houses”, from which he constantly poured a few vassals, who then beat their opponent on their behalf. And the longer the houses remained, the stronger their subordinates became.

While this is a very unique and fun gameplay, it was rather annoying for its opponents. Because of the different houses, she could take the upper hand relatively easily and almost automatically become stronger and stronger.

For Guilty Gear Strive, a lot has changed in her gameplay, and so she now has three young minions with whom she can interact. For example, she can shoot them as a kind of soccer ball at her opponent and use them in combos.

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Judging by the trailer, she can also switch between her character, which is represented by her mask. Perhaps this is a result of the plot of Guilty Gear Strive. Whether this affects their gameplay or is just cosmetic in nature is not yet clear from the promo.

Jack-O is scheduled for release on August 27, 2021, and three more characters are scheduled to be released in the first season pass. However, only one of those will be published this year.

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