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The King of Podcasts about Bitcoin, Censorship and CBDC

The King of Podcasts about Bitcoin, Censorship and CBDC

Joe Rogan is the world’s most famous podcaster. No one listens regularly to as many people as the American comedian and martial arts commentator. Podcast King has emerged as a Bitcoin and Ethereum fan in the past, and he regularly invites guests from the community, for example Pebble, the standard NFT artist of our time. With his last episode on April 4, 2022, Rogan is once again causing a stir in the crypto community. and beyond.

Michael Saylor, the world’s biggest bitcoin fraud, tweeted an excerpt from the episode: “The world is beginning to realize that bitcoin is freedom money.” In it, Joe Rogan talks to a martial artist about Bitcoin.

Khali Rountree recounts his personal experience of awakening Bitcoin when visiting the Bitcoin Conference in Miami in April 2022 – in his column, block coach Roman Reher describes to current BTC-ECHO magazine how the conference went.

“I finally see a future for myself,” said the martial artist, referring to Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency opens up new opportunities for people like him who come from a poor family. “Finally I can own something that only belongs to me. What I gain is mine. The government cannot touch it.”

Fear of digital central currencies

Then Joe Rogan said he believed the US government was afraid of Bitcoin. “They didn’t see it coming. Now they are afraid because it is establishing itself as an alternative currency.” He warned that governments will soon try to crack down on bitcoin and create their own, centralized digital currencies instead. You can see the entire excerpt here:

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Indeed, countries around the world are courting the introduction of a central bank digital currency, called CBDC. As Joe Rogan fears, it operates as a cryptocurrency, but it is under the control of the state alone. It can program certain features into it.

Critics such as Edward Snowden warn: This could mean the end of citizens’ privacy and freedom. China already owns the controversial electronic yuan, and the US recently gave a “top priority” to launching a digital dollar. The current expert interview conducted by BTC-ECHO on the risks of digital central bank currencies can be found here.

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