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The actor recounts his battle against skin cancer

The actor recounts his battle against skin cancer

Lorena Jimenez / Reforma

Thursday 5 May 2022 | 17:59

Julian Gill was diagnosed with skin cancer a little over a year ago, but now he has just decided to share it with his followers on social networks.

“This video is about cancer, I thought about it a lot before doing it because I realized it was a very personal thing, but a lot of people ask me why I have a scar and I decided to do it too because we should help raise awareness.

“It turned out that over a year ago it seemed like a small place to me with little rest, I went to a specialist dermatologist, and it turned out to be melanoma,” the famous man says via a Facebook video.

The 51-year-old actor and model also states that he had to undergo surgery to remove the cancer, as it was discovered apparently in time.

I left a scar under his right shoulder.

“I had to work, but for me it was a shock when I found out I had cancer. I never thought it would give me that, we think superheroes. The point is that it affected me and this video is specifically meant to make people aware that we should take care of Ourselves, mine was melanoma, I don’t remember the name very well and I understand it must be due to too much sun.

He adds in a video.

Jill explains that he is fine now, although every six months he goes to his doctor for a thorough examination to detect any other signs of cancer in time.

“I’m fine, don’t worry, this happened a year or so ago, at the beginning of the epidemic. Every six months I have to go for checkups, because obviously I had something the doctor didn’t like, but everything is fine.

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“So don’t sunbathe, or drink with sunscreen etc., and when you see a mole, or a spot, then go, get it checked, and take care of your health.”