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Justin Bieber has been blacklisted – no more Ferraris for him

Justin Bieber has been blacklisted – no more Ferraris for him

This isn’t the first time the musician has drawn negative attention from the car brand. Justin once lost the car after a long night of partying in Los Angeles in 2016 and also donated the car to a charity auction. The website reported that other Bieber modifications included “ugly-looking glowing fenders” and “aftermarket rims.” “This is an immediate red flag for Ferrari because the brand treats its image as sacrilege.” Ferrari has rules that state that an owner cannot sell their car for the first year and that they must notify the company in advance so they can have the opportunity to buy back. Unauthorized changes are also prohibited.

But the 28-year-old isn’t the first star to break the rules. Stars like 50 Cent, Nicholas Cage, and Kim Kardashian have had trouble with the Prancing Horse brand. Fabio Baron, president of the world’s largest Ferrari drivers club, supports the move to preserve the manufacturer’s dignity. “A Ferrari is a work of art, so it is only right that the manufacturer sends the message that it needs to be protected,” he said.

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