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The operating system can be customized very flexibly

The operating system can be customized very flexibly

In Windows 11, there are many ways to customize the user experience to suit your needs. In addition to individual designs and background images, this naturally also includes the arrangement of program windows or alternatives to text input via the keyboard.

Sets in the edge and flexible writing

Microsoft Edge is the standard browser for Windows 11 and offers the former “Groups” functionality, where users can collect and export articles, text clips or images. This is useful for searching, for example. But even very personal collections of recipes can be put together in this way.

If you don’t want to type in the classic way with a keyboard (provided you have the right hardware), you can write text manually with a digital pen or simply dictate it. About the shortcut [Win] + [H] Quick access to voice input is possible at any time.

Customize widgets and Windows theme

Gadgets are one of the biggest innovations in Windows 11. These little cards display dynamic content such as news, weather forecasts, appointments, and upcoming tasks. There is a separate button in the taskbar for quick access to tools. Instead, the key combination performs [Win] + [W] quickly towards the target.

Windows 11 customization settings can be found after right-clicking on the desktop via the “Personalize” entry in the context menu. In addition to choosing the background, design, accent colors, and effects, there are also options to change the lock screen, start menu, taskbar, or on-screen keyboard.

Arrange and dock windows quickly

In the video, Microsoft is also moving on to the docking feature in Windows 11: if you move your mouse pointer over the maximize button in a window, an overview appears with suggestions on how to arrange the open windows on the screen. If you want to use a shortcut instead, tap instead [Win] + [Z].