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The opposition believes in a change of power in Poland

The first opinion polls conducted by polling stations after the parliamentary elections that took place on Sunday showed that the opposition coalitions obtained a majority in the Polish parliament.

Former Prime Minister and President of the European Council Donald TuskHe, who leads the Citizens’ Coalition, says the opposition got enough votes to achieve its majority and that “democracy won, Poland won.”

But to form a government, opposition groups must agree on a common policy. The road there can be long.

The Citizens’ Coalition, with Tusk’s 66-year-old Citizen’s Platform and other small parties, should unite with the Tredje vägen political movement – ​​which in turn consists of the traditional Peasants’ Party and the newly formed 2050 Party. In addition, support may be required from the New Left Party.

The opposition together wins 248 seats out of the 460 seats in Parliament, according to the first opinion polls conducted by polling stations.

We hope to retain power

It appears that the currently ruling Law and Justice Party will obtain the largest number of votes in today’s parliamentary elections, but without obtaining its own majority. Opinion polls at polling stations give the party 37% of the vote, making it the largest single party. According to preliminary calculations, he gets about 200 seats in Parliament.

– The question facing us now is whether our success means that we can form a government for another term, he says Jaroslaw Kaczynski He is the leader of the Law and Justice Party.

It appears that the far-right Confederation Party will gain twelve seats in Parliament.

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The change of power in Poland means big changes in the country and within the European Union.

– This means that Poland is once again moving towards the European Union, says the Polish expert and author Peter Johnson Warsaw.

It also suggests that if the election results are correct, Poland will change direction on issues related to women’s rights and party control of the legal system.

The democratic opposition enjoys strong support among women, due to its move to the left on the political level.

The most important elections since 1989

These elections are considered the most important for Poland since 1989, but the election campaign was highly polarized.

“It was very aggressive, more like a PiS hate campaign,” says Johnson, who has followed political development in Poland over the past 40 years.

– High-ranking members of the party demanded the expulsion of Tusk from Poland. He continues that he is also accused of being a Russian spy.

At the same time, evaluators point out that Donald Tusk, thanks to his experience gained from many years within the European Union in Brussels, has emerged as a clear leader of the opposition, and therefore as a potential former government.

Johnson noted that Tusk had developed a statesman-like personality.

Strong support among women

One possible reason for the opposition’s success is that it highlighted certain social issues.

Elections are important for internal development as judicial disarmament and democracy continue. The second thing that was determined was Poland’s position towards the European Union, and its position within the European Union, says Johnson.

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PiS, with party leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski as its ideological leader, was able to form a majority government after the 2015 elections. Since then, the party has characterized the political development of an increasingly polarized Poland.

Parties in Poland

Law and Justice is the largest party in Poland. The right-wing nationalist party has strong ties to the Catholic Church and is led by 74-year-old Jaroslaw Kaczynski and Polish President Andrzej Duda.

The far-right Confederation Party currently collects about ten percent of the vote. It is an alliance that brings together far-right parties.

The Polish Democratic Opposition consists of several groups:

The largest of these parties is the Citizens’ Coalition, where Donald Tusk’s Citizens Platform Party dominates the former Prime Minister and President of the European Council. The liberal, EU-friendly coalition also includes the Green Party and some smaller parties.

Tredje vägen brings together the country’s traditional peasant party with the newly formed 2050 Party.

Leftist groups form the New Left Alliance. This includes the parties SLD, Yusna, and Razem, among others.

Source: TT