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The return of Claudia Obert

Surprise in “Battle of Reality Stars”. A celebrity who had been fired by his comrades-in-arms was allowed to return to the show. While some were happy about it, others were shocked.

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“What a nice surprise,” ex-bachelor Andre Mangold exclaimed when he saw which celebrity would return to the “Reality Stars Battle.” Walther Hoffmann added: “It’s like a terrible surprise.” He and especially the cult star “Bauer sucht Frau” Narumol were not at all happy with the sudden return.

The return of Claudia Obert

Because it was Claudia Aubert who got off the limousine in a good mood. In the previous episode, Walther and Narumol voted for the reality star. Loona also no longer wanted Claudia Obert to be involved and gave her her vote. The rest of the troops were delighted to see them return.

Claudia Obert: Despite being fired, she’s back. (Source: RTLzwei)

“I serve cold revenge,” Claudia Obert declared, thus turning on Luna. Her nomination in the Last Hour of Truth was what bothered her the most. The “Bailando” singer immediately approached Claudia Obert after her comeback, telling her that she had nothing against her and that she didn’t expect to get many other votes.

“You don’t have a spine,” Claudia scolded Obert, who found Luna’s apology a mistake. But then all it took was one game in which the women had to compete and win together to reunite. The argument was suddenly forgotten and they both fell into each other’s arms.

Evil Jared and Walther . have been voted on

Jared the Villain: His co-workers kicked him out.  (Source: RTLzwei)Jared Evil: His co-workers kicked him out. (Source: RTLzwei)Walter Hoffmann: Voted up by the newcomers.  (Source: RTLzwei)Walter Hoffmann: Voted up by the newcomers. (Source: RTLzwei)

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Instead, another person felt the group’s wrath: evil Jared. The American rock star had previously written a note to Loona, secretly asking her to choose the same person over and over. Other stars noticed this and since then can no longer speak very well of the bassist of the Bloodhound gang. He got most of the votes of his fellow activist and had to leave the show.

Werner didn’t do well either. He’s got one vote less than Evil Jared. However, he also had to go. The three newcomers, Laura Morant, Mike Hayter and Gino Borman, have dismissed the 61-year-old. Narumol, who asked fellow celebrities to vote for her after Claudia Obert’s return, is still on the show.