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The Voice: This big change upsets Florent Bagni and the coaches!

This year, get out of the knockout stage on The Voice. The show changes its rules and imposes super cross-match battles to stir up the competition!

There’s still a change in the air at The Voice. Sure, the rules only change this year. Which annoys the coaches a little, including Florent Bagni. Find out what annoys the singer. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

The Voice: Everything changes this year!

After the blind auditions, the adventure continues for the rest of The Voice nominees. This year, everyone agrees that the level is particularly high. that even has Force the show to change its rules a bit.

Currently, these are the battles raging within the TF1 programme. A chance for Amal Bent, Fianni, Florent Bagni and Marc Lavoine to confront each other with their chosen talents.

For now, the well-oiled The Voice machine continues on its tracks. But beware! Because after this stage of the battles everything changed! MCE TV tells you more…

In fact, the show’s eleventh season didn’t end with surprises in store for us. after arrival New guest coach in person Nolween Leroymy producer The Voice decided to dispense with the knockouts

yes! This will be the decisive step Replace it with cross fights. Coaches have to send their talents head-on against the opposing team’s talent.

This new rule was introduced in Season 10. This seems to please the viewers very much. That is why this year the production decided to make more room for it.

But this does not appeal to everyone. Actually, Florent Bagni looks a little cautious In the face of this new situation. The “My Freedom of Thinking” translator worries that his role will be diminished a bit.

Florent Bagni annoyed by the new rules

“The knockouts were tough”admits. “But this year, what is likely to be special for us as coaches is that once we finish the fights, We don’t decide anything« Coach complains.

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“Sure, we choose the team that we will face during the cross battles, and the talent we give. But It will be up to the audience to choose the sequelAnd that’s until the end of the season.”adds the artist who recently had to Make a complicated decision about his talents.

For his part, Pascal Guix, the artistic producer of the program, sees this change as an opportunity to create more suspense. “With cross fights, we don’t know what’s going to happen at all,” He had recently taken him captive to the Télé-Loisirs.

« This is the total unknown to us. That’s why we decided to move forward.”, justify. This adds: “This year, the best of all time will compete, and the level will be exceptional. Challenge for talents: reach the semi-finals live.”

however, Each coach will have a unique “Save” To save one of his lost talents from his cross battle. A real safety for Amal Bent, Vianney, Florent Bagni and Marc Lavoine to avoid losing their favorites along the way!

To discover the season’s first superhero crosshairs, come together on Saturday, April 23. During this new show, it will be up to the audience to choose who can stay and who should be excluded from The Voice.