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The world's most expensive game coronation - and surpassed by Super Mario

The world’s most expensive game coronation – and surpassed by Super Mario

Even entry-level bids for the sealed version of the NES classic were 6-figure and The Legend of Zelda from 1987 scratched the million mark by the end of the auction. But then Super Mario should go far beyond that after a short time.

From the special variant “NES-R” the legend of zelda In the few months of production in 1987, only a few cartridges were made, which is why the well-preserved model began auctioning at over $100.00. In the end, the knockout went to show $870,000, which is an absolute record amount.

He broke this record from April 2021, in which one A rare copy of Super Mario Bros. For 660 thousand dollars It was also auctioned In the online auction house Heritage Auctions.

Super Mario regains the throne

Two days after Zelda managed to secure the record as the most expensive video game at auction, Super Mario is back, of course also with the ultimate classic series. The sealed version of Super Mario 64 It was It auctioned for a staggering $1.56 million. The prices of rare video games and trading cards are currently on the rise.

The original message from July 6, 2021:

Zelda featured for $110,000: ‘The Holy Grail of Games’

Collector’s items from the world of video games (yet) haven’t reached Blue Mauritius prices, but they are in no way inferior to postage stamps in terms of rarity. The real rarity, for example, is a special cartridge from the original The Legend of Zelda from 1987.

It is of course not just a cartridge from the first Legend of Zelda from 1987. Currently, Site Heritage Auctions An extremely rare copy of Link’s debut has been auctioned. Before you turn the mattress and start counting, The current bid is $110,000 The auction will run until July 9, 2021. You may prefer to look under the sofa for some change.

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Not just any Zelda game

The Legend of Zelda was released in Japan in 1986 and in Europe a year later. The edition currently being auctioned at Heritage Auctions has the addition NES-R and became Only produced for a few months at the end of 1987So they are then from “Rev A” – Version has been replaced. The cartridge is so rare that the online auction house assumes it has never offered such a version of this game and doesn’t expect to be able to do so again in the next few years.

Heritage Auctions calls one “NES-R” cartridge “The Holy Grail of Games” It emphasizes not only the rarity but also the cultural importance of the video game.

It’s even less common

To be worth millions, like some postage, you need more. Perhaps another type of Zelda cartridge will do. According to Heritage Auctions, Option NESTM Only one sealed copy. This variant is the first production of The Legend of Zelda.

But there is still a long way to go before postage. It wasn’t until June 2021 A red Mauritius was auctioned for 8.1 million euros. However, the stamps had more time for 140 years to gain rarity and become a desirable collector’s item. The Legend of Zelda is already in demand, because someone is willing to pay $110,000. By the way, there’s a 20 percent surcharge on top of the offer – just so you know your accounts.