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Huawei szykuje telefon z wyświetlaczem pod ekranem

Huawei is preparing a smartphone with a camera under the screen

Huawei intends to join ZTE and is also working on a phone with an integrated camera. This is the latest news from China.

Recently Huawei has been focusing on markets other than smartphones, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t working on anything interesting. According to documents submitted to the Chinese Intellectual Property Office, Huawei is working on a new mid-shelf. A new Huawei phone should be fun enough Integrated camera with screen. Currently, the only phone available for sale belongs to ZTE. You see, this is another thing that will connect both companies. The two factories participate in the network infrastructure and are respectively the largest and fourth largest producers in this field. This is also the reason why both companies have big problems with the USA.

Huawei However, it is not the only manufacturer working on this type of device. This group also includes the Chinese company Oppo and the Korean Samsung. All of these devices should appear later this year. However, we don’t know what specifications we can expect from Huawei – projects show that it will be similar to the Honor X20 SE.

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