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FIFA 22 - Official Announcement??  And the first trailer

FIFA 22 – Official Announcement?? And the first trailer

July 11, 2021, 21:02

EA Sports revealed the first trailer for the upcoming FIF-22 game and shared the news with us about what’s new that’s revolutionizing the game.

After several weeks of waiting and dozens of leaks we finally got an official announcement? FIFA 22 games. EA Sports has published the first production trailer and made it possible to place pre-orders.

describes electronic arts V 22 A real revolution in football games. However, we will only feel this on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and Google Stadia, because only these platforms will receive HyperMotion technology (which you will learn more about in a moment).

EA Sports featured eight major HyperMotion features to make it FIFA 22 It will be the most realistic and best part of this series ever. Take a look at it and judge for yourself whether this news appeals to you.

In-depth 11v11 match record ?? Thanks to the special Xsens costumes, EA Sports is able to accurately record every player’s movement during a real match. This technology made it possible to collect a lot of data that was transmitted to the virtual turf.

Learn artificial intelligence ?? An advanced machine learning algorithm has analyzed over 8.7 million frames of private match sessions and used them to create realistic-looking animations of movement, shooting, passing and other player behaviors on the field.

Realistic movement of the whole team ?? The aforementioned Xsens outfits allowed over 4,000 new team-level moves to be added to the game. Thanks to this, the matches will be more dynamic, and the reactions of the players will be faster and more natural.

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Tactical AI (in attack and defense) ?? A lot of new data about player behavior, combined with the increased computing power of next-generation consoles, is expected to make teams more realistic. In the attack, a special algorithm will make our players better and closer to the pass, and in defense they will not break the formation anymore and better protect the empty areas of the field.

ML- flow ?? It is a new machine learning algorithm that creates new animations on a regular basis based on the analysis of the behavior of real football players during a match.

Physical combat in the air ?? The comprehensive interaction system between players will improve the realism of the clashes in the air. Players will push and pull and try to find the best position to take the shot. Head game can be a very important component of the FIF-22.

Confident ball control ?? Longer and smoother animation of taking the ball on two contacts will make players more agile and natural to play and cover the ball. This opens up many new ways to counterattack with changing speed.

Humanization of football players ?? This rather odd sub-element is supposed to be another step towards bringing FIFs closer to the real game. Thanks to this post we will see ?? more lively?? Players who can nod, communicate with teammates and act according to the situation on the field.

We also learned more about the mysterious FUT Champions Club. It should include players who have not achieved the status equal to icons, but during their career they have provided fans with an unforgettable and deeply remembered experience. This will introduce more nostalgia than ever before and may attract a string of older players who remember the times of their past idols. FUT Heroes Club players will have green contact (approximately maximum) with club representatives from a particular league. This will facilitate the dream team building process and improve teamwork.

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Below you can see the first part of the FUT Heroes Club player roster, the next part should be delivered to us around August.

List of FUT Heroes Club Cards in . format FIF-ie 22:

  • Abedi Ayo Pele?? Total 89 points
  • Tim Cahill – Total 85 points
  • Robbie Keane?? 86 points overall
  • Fernando Morientes?? 88 points overall
  • Mario Gomez?? 88 points overall
  • Sami Al Jaber – 86 points overall
  • Jorge Campos?? Total 87 points
  • Diego Milito 88 – Overall Review Score
  • Clint Dempsey?? 85 points overall

Finally, it is worth calming down the feelings a little and remembering that beautiful, previously presented films are not everything. The most important thing from the perspective of fans of the series is the gameplay. We should learn more about it soon, so be prepared for more related material المواد FIF-¹ 22.

FIFA 22 It will be released on October 1, 2021 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and Google Stadiê. But you can pre-order now, and purchasing the Ultimate Edition will give you access to the game four days in advance? Already on September 27.

Interestingly, during the presentation, not a single word was said about the release of the Nintendo Switch console. This could mean that 5 p. 22 We will not see the Japanese on portable equipment.