IKEA has added two new products to its already extensive portfolio of smart homes. These are the smart curtains with the names Tredansen and Praktlysing. They can be controlled by digital assistants. There is a special feature upon request.

IKEA: Smart sixes introduced

Smart blinds are now available at Ikea, which aims to make life a little easier for the owner. It is controlled by remote control, but can also It is done by digital assistants will. This way, more light can be provided in the room upon request. According to Ikea, in addition to its smart home app, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are also supported in addition to Apple’s HomeKit.

Customers have a choice between two different modelsEach is available in two different sizes. The alternative Tredansen is a white foldable curtain. Dimensions 120 x 195 cm or 140 x 195 cm. The smart curtain is opaque and, according to the manufacturer, can isolate drafts and sunlight (source: IKEA).

The Jealousy Praktlysing Just like Tredansen, it’s wirelessly powered via a built-in battery. No information available on battery life. It is a honeycomb shaped curtain available in the same dimensions as the other model. When it comes to colors, customers don’t have much choice, because the curtain is also only available in white.

This is how Ikea smart blinds work:

IKEA smart blinds from 125 euros

Praktlysing is a little cheaper at 125 euros. For the larger version (140 x 195 cm), Ikea wants €129. It is important to note that Train exclusively online It is not displayed in furniture stores. On the other hand, Tredansen will also make Ikea branches. Depending on the size, the prices are 145 euros or 149 euros.

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