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This is the amount you will earn net after submitting the New Deal. We checked!

The solutions proposed by the government under the “New Deal” program will affect the salaries of Poles. The tax-exempt amount and the second minimum tax will be increased. In this material, we present the calculations of remuneration, taking into account the changes under the “New Deal” (for amounts from 3,000 PLN). How much will an employee benefit from tax changes? Go to the gallery and check out what your net salary might look like soon.

In the spring, the Law and Justice government introduced the New Deal program. One pillar is tax solutions that will leave more money in some Poles’ wallets. Unfortunately, there will also be a group of people whose net pay will go down. The proposed tax changes were one of the reasons for the dissolution of the coalition and led to the departure of Jaroslav Guin and some deputies.

‘New Deal’ – Poles’ salaries will change

What, among other things, is proposed by law and justice:

  • Increase the tax-exempt amount to PLN 30,000
  • Up to 120 thousand PLN, the threshold will increase, after which you will have to pay 32%. Tax (currently 32% of tax is paid after income is exceeded in the amount of PLN 85,528)
  • Eliminate the possibility of deducting health insurance from taxes
  • The introduction of so-called bonuses for the middle class (people whose gross annual wage ranges from PLN 68.6 thousand to PLN 133.6 thousand)
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