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Thresholds for loss of interest

Thresholds for loss of interest

Pensioners and early retirees who add to their benefits should be careful, because from September 1 the income limits will change, which will lead to a reduction or suspension of benefits from the social insurance institution – ZUS reminds.

You can earn extra money for your pension, but there are certain limits that change every three months. Its amount depends strictly on the average salary in the state for the previous quarter. In the second quarter, wages decreased, therefore, as of September 1, the limits of working ZUS recipients were also lower, ”- states ZUS spokesperson Pawe Żebrowski.

“The minimum first income is 70% of the average salary. As of September it was 3853.20 PLN total. If the income of the pensioner in a particular month is higher, the payment of the allowance for that month is reduced accordingly. The second threshold is 130%. Average salary, as of September 7155.90 PLN. If it is exceeded, the payment of the allowance for a certain month is suspended ”- emphasizes the speaker.

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Social pension. When will my benefits be suspended?

People receiving pensions should pay special attention to the new share amounts, because they are subject to slightly different rules for earning extra money. If their additional income is above the first limit (3,853.20 PLN), then the payment of the social pension for the month in which the increase occurred is not fully due.

The new amounts are valid in September, October and November. They will change again from December 1st. What is important Pensioners who have completed the legal retirement age (60 for women and 65 for men) do not have to take care of the amount of income. They can earn extra money without restrictions.

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