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Tomorrow ours: One of the most famous villains will return [EXCLU] TV news series

Tomorrow ours: One of the most famous villains will return [EXCLU] TV news series

After last year’s Mark Ferry, another big villain from “Tomorrow is Us” will soon be returning to the TF1 TV series. To everyone’s surprise. Find out which character she is.

In a few days, our Tomorrow viewers on TF1 will witness the conclusion of the plot of “Emprise” dedicated to Raphael (Jennifer Loret) and her relationship with Stanislas (Yanick Laurent), who gradually reveals the true face of a narcissistic, perverted, manipulative, violent man. And he fought.

Stanislas is now dead, and the police will try to find out who killed him. Raphael, Chloe (Ingrid Chauvin), Audrey (Charlotte Gaccio) and Camille (Elyssa Ezzedine) are on the list of suspects.

But whatever the outcome of this powerful plot, Stanislas has certainly entered the very closed circle of the most hated character in Tomorrow that belongs to us. Plus the greatest villains the series has known since its launch in 2017, just like Marc Véry or Sacha Girard.

And to everyone’s surprise, he is indeed one of those iconic villains who will soon make his big comeback tomorrow as ours.

En effet, Aude Thévenin, la productrice du feuilleton emmené by Ingrid Chauvin et Alexandre Brasseur, nous a révélé durant le festival de télévision de Monte-Carlo que Sacha, le frère de Tristan (Mathieu Alexandre), incarnit revené par serial.

“Sasha will be back”We are told by Aude Thévenin during an interview that will soon be found in full on AlloCiné. “But I won’t tell you how.”.

Screenshot / TF1

Introduced in the series in 2020, Sasha soon enters into a relationship with Clementine (Linda Hardy). A beautiful story that quickly turned into a nightmare. Clementine ends up discovering that her companion lives a double life and that he has two families.

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Shocking discoveries then lead to a murderous frenzy on the part of Sasha who was willing to do anything to protect his secret, going so far as to kill Clementine and Vincienne, one of his former mistresses.

Arrested before he could follow his plan and kill his children, whom he was planning to bury in the garden, Sasha had been languishing since last summer in prison. And we can’t wait to see how the authors will be able to bring it back to life in the plots.

Will one of the characters from the movie Tomorrow Belongs to Us end up in prison and will he have to share his cell with Sasha? Or will the latter, like many heroes before him, escape and find Tristan? Answer soon TF1.