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After concert canceled: Jürgen Drews celebrates his stage comeback

He’s finally back on stage! A few months ago, it became known that pop star Jürgen Drews (77 years old) suffers from peripheral neuropathy – an incurable neurological disease. It wasn’t until the end of May that he announced that he had to cancel some of his concerts for health reasons. But now the singer surprises his fans: Standing at ZDF TV Park Jürgen Now he unexpectedly returned to the stage!

On Sunday afternoon, the 77-year-old performed his song “What Was Once, Never Comes Back”. In a good mood, he warmed up the audience – but the fans in front of the TV screen are a little skeptical. “Well, she looks very happy Jürgen Drews but not so”“Jürgen Drews doesn’t look good, his eyes are completely blank and expressionless” or “Seeing Jürgen Drews standing there quietly is also unusual,” wrote three fans, among others. Twitter.

Only recently Jürgen gave a health update to his fans. So far, he appears to have a neurological disease, which primarily affects the range of motion of his legs, under control. “I’m under control because I can still walk well. My legs still carry me. Sometimes I mix up a bit, but I don’t feel pain”Tell Build.

Jürgen Drews, January 2020
Jürgen Drews in October 2017
Andrea Kewell, moderator
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